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21 st Miss Aspley


25 th


State of Origin 1

4th Seniors Awards


15 th State of Origin 2

17 th -19 th Chairman’s Trophy

20 th -24 th Team Photo’s


1 st -3 rd No Games – School


1 st -5 th U13/U14/U16 State

Carnival (Ipswich)

6 th State of Origin 3


6th Seniors Awards



2 nd -4 th Preliminary Finals –


9 th -11 th Grand Final–Juniors

17 th U7-U16

Presentation Day

24 th Seniors & U18

Presentation Day

25 th QRL Grand Final

30 th -3 rd Oct Wenty Weekend

(Aspley travels to Wenty)



May 2011

2 nd NRL Grand Final

15 th Presidents Dinner

A Word from the President DEVIL

We are well into season 2011 and I have to say I have been impressed by what I have

seen. Our coaches/managers are doing a great job and the behaviour of all is to be

commended. As always there will be some issues on the way we need to address. I

encourage you all to go through the right channels and always keep in mind that we are

here for the kids, so that they can enjoy the game as a lot of us have been fortunate

enough to do in the past.

Due to the weather we have had to cancel training on a number of occasions in order to

protect one of our biggest assets – the fields. I understand this can be frustrating for

teams but this is necessary to ensure that our fields are not damaged so that they can

sustain the year’s traffic. Keep in mind that when we close our fields most other clubs

around us are doing the same, so you’re not the only team affected.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the great game of Rugby League.



In Partnership With

6 of Aspley’s long serving Junior players from U7 –U10 - Isaiah Iongi, Cameron Gill,

Royston Finklestein, J’Den Poa, Jeremy Bartlett and Kascade Saunders had the honour of

representing Aspley RLFC in the annual March Past around Suncorp Stadium on Saturday

night before the Broncos Vs Melbourne clash. All longest serving players names were

placed into a hat and randomly picked by a committee member. The strapping young crew

were led by Aspley’s Junior Club Captain Brandon Lonergan. I would like to commend the

boys on how they conducted themselves in such an exciting and memorable atmosphere

that night. Well done! Fletch

Q: What was the most exciting part about walking around Suncorp Stadium?

Jeremy – “When I saw my family & team mates”

Cameron – “Being on the big screen”

Q: Do you think QLD or NSW will win State of Origin this year?

Jeremy – “Qld will win 3 – 0”

Cameron – “Qld” (had a puzzled look on his face as if it was a trick question)

Q: Did you see anyone famous?

Jeremy – “Shane Webke when we arrived”

Cameron – “Sam Thaiday and Darren Lockyer sitting in the players box”

Acknowleging our Player Greats~

300 Games for the Club 100 Games for the Club

Greg Heath – OPENS Rhys Hinds – U/13 D2

Cory Spice – U/13 D3

200 Games for the Club Liam Jacobsen – U/12


Brandon Collins – U/16 D1 Michael Williams

– U/18 D2

Brodie Wickins – U/18 NBS Luke Raroa – U/12

Senior Club Captain

I started playing footy when I was 6 years old and have now been played for 18 years in total - 12 years in Australia & 6

years in New Zealand.

I have played a total of 5 years with Aspley - juniors from U13 – U16, before shifting to NZ for 6 years. In 2009 I

returned to Aspley and started playing Seniors, where I have played the last 2 years, 2011 to be my third.

In my years at Aspley it has been good to watch the club grow, not just in size, but in culture and attitude. The coaching

staff, players and supporters have put in a lot of work to create a club, where feeling good off the field is as important as

feeling good on the field, and that is now paying dividends.

In 2010 Aspley’s Seniors had 3 of 4 teams play finals footy. Two of which, were lucky enough to progress to Grand Finals,

with one team great enough to win it. A big part of this success, I believe, has a lot to do with that culture and attitude.

It’s been great to be a part of the journey thus far, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to be selected Club Captain for the

journey that waits. Looking forward to an even bigger and better 2011.

The peoples champ,

Kane Freeman

PS – I also got the pleasure of playing with Fletcher Holmes last year which was probably

the pinnacle of my rugby league career, I considered hanging up the boots after that

game, going out on a high note but Kissy talked me out of it.

He said, “Don’t be so hasty Kane, one day you may get to play with Simon Scanlan.”

I said “Who?”


~ ~ Featuring Featuring Northside Northside Northside 1


2011 has seen a slow start to the season with the team only winning 3 out of the first 8 games.

With the closeness of the competition a win next week in the last game of the first round will

see the team only 2 points off second place. If the players show as much dedication on the field

as my support crew – Tony Heath, Tony Woodruff and Barry Bennion do off the field we can turn

our season around and start to be contenders for the Grand Final.

Hope to see you supporting the team on Saturdays in the near future.

Coach – Bill Webber (AKA George Clooney)


PREMS 9 8 1 + 264 16 1 st

NS 1 8 3 5 - 87 6 9 th

NS3 9 6 2 1 + 70 14 3 rd

U 20 6 3 2 1 - 6 9 3 rd

Football Club Committee 2011

President Jim Spletter

Senior Vice President Peter Spletter

Junior Vice President Steve Mercer

Secretary Mary Tierney

Treasurer Trish Woodruff

Registrar Steve Buckley

Committee Kath Webber

Committee Ray Tierney

Committee Glenn Collins

Committee Tony Woodruff

Committee Tony Minehan

Committee Sue Shaw



All Squads (U11 – U16)

Tuesday 28 th June

9 am – 11 am @ ASHS

Tackle Technique &


Emerging & Senior Squads

only (U13 – U16)

Wednesday 5 th October

5.30pm @ Aspley RLFC

Team Training

Friday 7 th October

5.30pm @ Aspley RLFC

Team Training

Saturday 8 th October

@ Gympie RLFC

Brisbane Broncos Game

Development Challenge

Broncos CEO

Visits Aspley Devils

New Brisbane Broncos Chief Executive

Officer, Paul White, took time out of his

busy schedule to visit the Aspley RLFC this

week. He spent time with Aspley’s Football

Operations Manager Simon Scanlan to

discuss Aspley’s operations and remarked

how impressed he was with the facility and

Aspley’s overall programs both within the

club and throughout the community. Paul

also took the time to meet Fletcher and

Leneke as well as Leagues Club CEO Tim


Photo – Simon Scanlan, Paul Dyer, Paul

White, Tim McNamara

Aspley RLFC Development Squads – A A A A Letter Letter Letter Letter from from from from the the the the Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane

Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos

To the President,

The Brisbane Broncos Game Development Department was delighted with what they saw from three

development squads assembled by development partner the Aspley RLFC. The session was a huge buzz for all of

the players and certainly provided them with a taste of the basic skill level that will be required for each of them

to improve as a player. I was particularly pleased with the under 11 and 12 squad that had been assembled, as

most of these boys were only six years old when the Brisbane Broncos first partnered with the Aspley Football

Club. It was a great advertisement for the partnership the Broncos have with Aspley and the hard work that the

administration, players and coaches have been doing at Aspley for many years. The focus of Aspley and the

Broncos partnership has always been about Development: Development of the game in that region and in

particular the basic skill level of each and every player, no matter what division they play. Once again,

congratulations to each of the boys who were selected to be part of these squads and thank you to the Aspley

Football Club and Aspley Leagues Club for their continued support and commitment to the Development of

Rugby League on the north side of Brisbane.

Warm Regards

Paul Dyer

Game Development Manager

Brisbane Broncos

The season is well and truly under way

with Round 3 of the McDonalds Premiership for U/11’s – U/18’s being last weekend. It’s

been pleasing to see how all our teams have conducted themselves in and around the club.

We all represent the Aspley RLFC and how we behave/conduct ourselves is a direct

reflection on our brand – something we all should be proud of.

Our Open Premiers had a very convincing win against Wynnum last weekend which puts

them clear in first place on the ladder – well done boys. They will play off for the “Ted

Beaumont” Trophy at Davies Park on Monday the 13 th of June at 4.00pm (Queens

Birthday). Good luck to Kissy and the boys!

Double parking at the Aspley SHS is something of a real concern lately. This poses a serious

safety risk for players when crossing the car park as they cannot be seen due to the double

parked cars. Please do not double park at the High School, if no regular parks are available

you must park across the road. By all means drop your son/daughter off in the car park

then continue on.

A big congratulations to all the Aspley boys who have made representative sides to date

this year. It is an honour to play representative football and all the best in your upcoming


Also just a friendly reminder to all to support your team in a positive manner – we should

all applaud good play and not jeer bad play. Be a positive supporter of the rugby league and

the Aspley RLFC.

Lastly I would once again encourage everyone involved in the Aspley RLFC to become an

active member of your team. Make yourself available and make a positive contribution to

the team – if you see a problem become part of the solution, not the problem.

Good Luck and go the Devils!

Simon Scanlan

Football Operations and Development Manager

We are only 3 rounds into the McDonalds Premiership and the representative season is well

and truly upon us with the following players fortunate enough to be selected for

representative teams:

U11 Met-North Schoolboys - Paul Leituala & Zach McGuire

U12 Met-North Schoolboys – Manu Tagatanuu, Lachlan Woodruff, Liam Jacobsen & Kaleb


U13 Brisbane Stingers (Club) - Luke Hughes & Liam Horne

U14 Brisbane Stingers (club) – Utah Wood-Maui, Keenan Yorston, Logan Spaander, Hiale

Roycroft, Quillan Pritchard-Malaki, Michael Molo & Caleb Hitchens

U15 Met-North Schoolboys – Jake Kelly, Jacob Thompson, Will Iongi, Jayden Nikorima & Scott


U15 Queensland Schoolboys – Jaiden Nikorima

U16 and U18’s Queensland (Club) teams are to be named next week and we are expecting to

find a few Aspley representatives in the mix in either or both of these teams. On behalf of the

club I would like to congratulate you all on your efforts so far and wish you all the best for

future selections and games, you have done the club proud!

Aspley Broncos Catholic Challenge kicked off last Thursday starting with 4 weeks of basic

fundamental skills learning. After the students are competent performing the fundamentals of

Rugby League they will progress to modified mock games to learn the concept of the game,

come Gala Day the kids are confident and raring to go for what sets to be a great day every

year for the students. This challenge is structured to give both boys and girls who may have

never played Rugby League before, a fun and enjoyable experience.

Fletcher Holmes

Coaching & Development Officer

Yr 8

Yr 10

Aspley Aspley Aspley Aspley Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos

Challenge Challenge Challenge Challenge

Aspley Broncos Challenge 2011 has had a

bumpy start due the unpredictable weather

with only 2 out of 4 rounds of football being

played thus far. Points table for rounds 1 - 4

for all competitions are listed below:

Team Won Loss Draw Total

Sandgate 1 1 2 4

Redcliffe 2 2 6


Pine Rivers 1 1 1 2 4

Pine Rivers 2 2 2 2

Wavell 1 2 2 6

Wavell 2 1 1 2 4

Aspley 1 1 2 4

Team Won Loss Draw Total


Aspley 1 1 2 4

Wavell 1 3 6

Pine Rivers 1 1 5

Earnshaw 1 1 3

Bray Park 1 1 1

Yr 9

Team Won Loss Draw Total

Sandgate 1 1 2 4

Redcliffe 2 2 6

Pine Rivers 2 2 6

Southern Cross 2 2 2

North lakes 1 1 2 4

Kedron 1 1 2 4

Wavell 1 1 2 4

Aspley 2 2 2


Team Won Loss Draw Bye Total

Aspley 1 2 1 6

Bracken Ridge 1 2 1 4

Bray Park 1 3 3

Narangba 2 2 2

Clontarf 1 1 2 1 5

Pine Rivers 2 2 2

Southern Cross 1 1 2 4

Wavell 2 2 6

Kedron 2 2 6

Coach Development


Coach Education sessions this year have

been a real success so far and I would like to

congratulate and thank every coach who has

made themselves accountable for these

sessions. I would also like to thank Michael de

Vere and Col Henschell for the time taken to

conduct these sessions.

The grand finals for

these competitions

will be played on

Tuesday 21 st June

2011 at the Aspley

A Note from the Office.....

Hi Everyone! I would like to thank you for all the arrangements or payment of fees

that have been made. We had a fantastic response. It is important to remember to

keep up the arrangements so we don’t have to stand any players down. There have

been quite a few queries regarding what happens when games are cancelled due to

wet weather field closures. U11’s to U18’ s will have their games rescheduled to

Wed night games. The first of these was played this week so keep watching the

website for more details.

I would also like to remind people that as soon as wet weather closes our fields for

training, it is up on the website. We would appreciate it if you checked the site or

call your manager if you are unsure or unable to access a computer as we have over

600 players at the club and it is impossible for us to answer all the calls.

Also please remember that our website has the correct details of the Game Draws

each week. Many people phone us because the Stingers website says something

different to the Club website. Our site is updated as soon as we receive a change ~

the Stingers site is not regularly updated.

Seeing as the cold weather is starting to set in, don’t forget that we have these

wonderful Hoodies for sale in all sizes from 6 to 5XL at $50each ~ just the thing for


It has been wonderful going to the games and I am enjoying the friendship of you

all every week. Good Luck to your boys for the rest of the season.

Cheers Leneke.

Once again, our club was proudly represented at the Anzac

Day arch and wreath laying ceremony with the Geebung-

Zillmere RSL.

Thank you to Brandon, our Junior Club Captain for

performing the duty on this special day.

CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to

Daniel Morris, his wife & family, on

welcoming Isla Jane to the Southern Cross

Pool Construction crew on the 10 th of May.

Match Report – Under 9 KELSO

Sunday 8 th May

The boys have had a cracking start to the season

with plenty of team enthusiasm, enjoying their

weekly training session which usually winds up with

a ‘bull rush’ bash up session with their team mates.

We have grown well as a team and friendships have

flourished with all players showing increasing

respect for each other as team mates. Considering

the weather interruptions, the team is progressing

well with their basic skills on the field. As it is still

early days it is encouraging to see the team are

showing early signs of resembling a confident

young team. With our attacking skills at a good

level our coaching focus is shifting to build on and

improve our defence. It’s encouraging to see week

to week progress in team play and in most cases

unselfishness with the football. Looking forward;

our challenges are sharing the football evenly in

the team and improving the confidence in defence

of all players. I have been lucky as coach to be

assisted and supported by one of our parents

Jason Woodward who has bought his eagerness and

experience to each game and training session. The

support is much appreciated by all as the team

benefits greatly from increased supervision during

new skill drills.

We look forward to the season’s progression with

the accomplishments, all the laughs and comments

that come from the boys throughout the year.

Brett O’Sullivan

Q: What sort of Business is Ashpatch?

A: Ashpatch is a family owned and run asphalt repair and maintenance

business, specialising in covering electrical and plumbing trenches, speed bumps (round

and table-top), road crossings and driveway crossovers, potholes, trip hazards, footpaths,

cracked areas, small overlays, crack filling, and all general small work applications. We do

both domestic and commercial work and cover all areas around South East QLD, including

Gold and Sunshine Coasts and out to Toowoomba. Ash has been in the industry for 20

years, and we also have 6 employees who are highly trained, most of whom have been in

this industry for many years as well. We take great pride in all our work, no matter how big

or how small, and we always like to ensure that our customer is left happy with the results. We provide

excellent quality work, and a very reliable, professional, and friendly service.

Q: How long have you guys been involved with the Aspley RLFC?

A: We have been involved with Aspley RLFC for 3 years now and started as a small sponsor that year, and have

now been a major sponsor for the last 2 years.

Q: How many kids do you have playing at Aspley?

A: Our oldest son started at the club 3 years ago and is now playing Under 10's, with our youngest boy who is

only 5 starting for the first time this year in Under 7's.

Q: Why did you become a sponsor?

A: We believed the club was doing great things for young kids and so we wanted to be able to help the club

however we could. Unfortunately due to our work commitments, this meant not having the time to spend as a

coach, manager, or committee member, so this was our way of putting back into the community and helping

the local kids, including our own, enjoy their football and have all the best facilities possible.

Q: What do you like most about the Aspley RLFC?

A: We have always appreciated how professional and well organised the club is and the close association with

the Brisbane Broncos means better opportunities for young kids are offered here than at some other clubs.

Ashpatch is proudly owned and operated by Ash and Deb Jenkins.

How How How can can can Parents Parents Parents Support upport upport the the the Coach?? oach?? oach??

All parents are proud of their children playing rugby league and want to assist their development in the game. How can you best do

this whilst supporting your team’s coach?

Ask the coach if they need a hand at training – this could be as simple as picking up markers or holding tackle bags. Always

remember the coach is in charge and during the training times is solely responsible for what happens.

Speak to the coach about areas where your child can improve – e.g ball grip, tackle technique, and ask them if there is a

specific way to do this.

Let the coach look after the tactical side of the game; he has a plan in place and is working to that plan.

Always support your child, the team they play in and the coach and his plan, in a positive and upbeat manner. Negativity is a cancer

that does not take long to spread. Children will pick up on it very quickly and follow the lead of their parents.

If as a club we can do these 4 simple things we will see development within our players across all grades and ages. If we work WITH

the coach and not against them all players will benefit.

I wish all teams the best of luck and look forward to enjoying more good footy! Fletch

Aspley Aspley Players Players Test Test Decision Decision-Making Decision Making Skills


Have you ever noticed how some players seem to have a lot of time to execute their skills? Players such as Cameron

Smith, Johnathon Thurston, and Darren Lockyer are examples of players who have exceptional decision-making

skills. Members of the Aspley Rugby League Club recently tested their decision-making skills. Using a life-size videobased

test, Aspley U/16, U/20, and Open players were

tested on their abilities to make correct decisions in

response to real game scenarios. The video-based test

was developed by sport scientist Tim Gabbett, in

conjunction with 7-time premiership winning coach,

Wayne Bennett.

The test has two components – “accuracy” and

“reaction time”. Coaches can use the information to

determine which of their players consistently make

correct decisions, and those that require more decisionmaking

training. “We know that physical qualities such

as speed, strength, and endurance are important to

rugby league performance, but skill, and particularly

decision-making, is at least as important as any of these

physical qualities. This testing can be used as a talent

identification tool to allow coaches to identify the very good decision-makers, but also identify players who need extra

training in this area”, Gabbett said.

The testing, which is now used by several NRL

clubs, is a first for Aspley Rugby League Club,

and highlights the organisation’s focus on

junior development. Aspley Rugby League

Football Operations Manager, Simon Scanlan

indicated that the testing offered a valuable

experience for players. “We want to develop

players and provide them with as many

opportunities as possible. By providing this

kind of testing to players, it is only going to

assist with their development,” said Scanlan.

Tim Gabbett currently lectures in Sports Science at the

Australian Catholic University. He has held positions as a

Sports Scientist at the Brisbane Broncos and QLD

Academy of Sport, and is highly regarded among his

peers. Tim has published numerous papers on “Skill

Acquisition” and is a sought after consultant within elite

sport. Aspley players had the opportunity to take part in

testing which was performed as part of the community

engagement project through Australian Catholic

University. We thank Tim for his time and expertise.

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