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news APRIL 2012

Inspired by fireflies

ONSJÖ chandelier

When we give a designer at IKEA free hands the most amazing things

usually happen - like with ONSJÖ chandelier.

We asked designer Sigga Heimis to create an extraordinary lamp using

the new LED technology. LED has revolutionized how lamps can be

designed, because the small diodes take almost no room at all. And it may

have been the size of the small diodes that made Sigga think of fireflies

swarming at night, as she lay in her bathtub gazing at the ceiling. That’s

when Sigga got the idea, and she came back with a sketch of ONSJÖ.

It didn’t turn out to be a bathroom lamp after all, but a decorative lamp

that can replace any glass chandelier. The diodes sit inside metal tubes

that have been formed into a big flower.

What happens if a diode breaks? That’s the smart thing with LED. They

don’t break. They either work or they don’t. And because we test all

lamps before we put them in the package, we know that they work.

LED has a lifetime of at least 20,000 hours and uses as much as

"80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. That’s equal to

about 3 hours of daily use for 20 years and helps you reduce your energy

consumption. Not bad for a gang of fireflies!

ONSJÖ chandelier $59.99 Built-in LED bulb. EVA and ABS plastic. Designer: Sigga Heimis.

Hardwire. RA. Ø28, H76".Chrome-plated 402.112.65

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