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VILMAR chairs aren’t just stylish and

stackable. They’re durable, too. Their layer-

glued wood seats are made of the same type

of laminate used in kitchen countertops. Luck, layers and laminate

news APRIL 2012

VILMAR chair

Before designer Johanna Jelinek even

knew she was going to design a chair, a

technician team was busy with a construction

challenge – to have a chair with small

legs that maintained the highest possible

stability and easy assembly.

After about 20 attempts the technicians

found a material and construction that had

everything. Then it was time for Johanna

to start designing the seat.

Luckily, Johanna was also part of a team

investigating how to improve layer-glued

wood. Thanks to her expertise in how the

material can be used, we found a somewhat

softer and more organic form for the

seat. The one-piece form both encircles

and supports the back, and rocks gently

due to the layer-glued wood. That’s what

makes it even more comfortable.

With five dollhouse-sized prototypes,

Johanna presented her ideas. All the product

developers gathered to decide, discuss

and vote which would be made into a model.

When the choice was made, the chair

was sent to the model shop next door

to be produced in full-scale. Discussions

were also underway about what finish the

chair should have that would suit both the

design and a demanding everyday life.

It’s most common to lacquer chairs. But

a lacquered surface is not as durable and

its sensitivity can lead to scratches from

things like the rivets on jeans. That’s why

we made the last layer in the layer-glued

wood seat using the same type of laminate

that is used for kitchen countertops.

That’s when it happened. Someone

broke out with, “If we make the chairs in

laminate, we can put patterns on them!”

Why didn’t we think of that from the beginning?

Johanna returned to the drawing

board, this time to design patterns for

VILMAR. Lucky for us again, she’s educated

as a textile designer and a few days

later came back with no fewer than 36

patterns. There were stripes and checks,

thick and thin, in color and black and

white. We chose three patterns that easily

combined with chairs in oak, birch, brownblack,

white and red.

We had a hard time picking a favorite

among all the VILMAR variations. That’s

the way it should be so that everyone can

choose their own favorite to park around

the dining table.


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