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news APRIL 2012

Stories from the forest

VANDRING book, textiles and soft toys

This April, IKEA invites children of all ages (something she’d never done before), but

to take a little hike through the Swedish she did know she would create patterns

forest to be inspired by and learn about about nature, the forest and animals

nature with the new VANDRING book, tex- interacting.

tiles and soft toys. Hedge-

“For the collection, I was

hogs, foxes, owls, mice,

asked to think about what

ants, frogs, salmon, rabbits,

the forest looks like, what

moose, bears, berries,

happens in the forest,

mushrooms, pine cones,

under stones and behind

trees and more – they’re

trees,” Ann-Cathrine says.

what you’ll encounter as

“I live on the outskirts of

you wander through the

the city of Gothenburg,

VANDRING collection, which

but our house is close to

in Swedish means ‘migra-

a wildlife reserve, and we

tion’ or ‘hike.’

have a small natural forest

Telling the major tale

on our property with all

of the collection is the

sorts of trees and plants

VANDRING book titled ‘The

that inspired my drawings

Hedgehog Leaves Home,’

like pines, rowan trees,

written by Ulf Stark and PE303091

oaks and ferns. I went out

illustrated by Ann-Cathrine VANDRING book inspires children walking in the woods for

Sigrid Ståhlberg, who also to learn about nature, animals and inspiration, collecting things

designed the textiles and

the environment.

to draw from. We have lots

soft toys. In fact, Ann-Cathrine designed of animals here like deer, badg-

the textiles and soft toys first, with the ers and squirrels.”

book’s inspiration drawn from the collec- The first animal Anntion.

In the beginning, Ann-Cathrine didn’t Cathrine thought of for the

know she would illustrate a children’s book collection was the hedge-


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