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Love your veggies? Bring them into the living room

with a custom cushion made from JANETTE fabric and

a ready-made pair of curtains.

news APRIL 2012


Flexible textiles

for veggie lovers

The new JANETTE collection, a first for

IKEA from designer Ida Arnfelt, was inspired

by vegetables, particularly artichokes

and cabbages. The veggie designs

combine hand-cut paper shapes with

drawn lines. “I found inspiration from nature,”

she says. “I like the organized chaos

you can find there. Usually I find a form,

an object or a movement that I like. Then

I build something from that.”

At left is a ready-made pair of curtains

with a custom-made cushion using gray

cabbage fabric. At right, a custom curtain

made from green cabbage fabric shows off

the flexible nature of the new BETYDLIG

curtain rod system.

1. JANETTE fabric $7.99/yd Designer: Ida Arnfelt.

100% cotton. W59". Cabbage patterned/gray


2. JANETTE pair of curtains $24.99 Includes two

panels. Designer: Ida Arnfelt. Polyester, cotton.

W57×L98" each panel. Green 902.215.87

3. JANETTE fabric $7.99/yd Designer: Ida Arnfelt.

100% cotton. W59". Cabbage patterned/green


4. HUGAD curtain rod corner connector $5.99

Adjustable rod. Powder-coated steel. L10". White


5. BETYDLIG series Designer: Henrik Preutz.

Powder-coated steel. Plastic. Rubber. White

Wall/ceiling bracket $1.49 Max load 22 lbs.


Curtain rod holder 49¢ L2⅜". 602.198.97

RÄCKA curtain rod $4.99/ea Adjustable length.

Max load 11lbs. L83–152". 402.171.49

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The new BETYDLIG curtain rod mounting system

makes it easy to hang curtains just how you want.

The choices are yours: mount to the ceiling or the

wall; make single, double or triple layers; hang

curtains close to or farther from the window; use

thinner or thicker RÄCKA rods; choose from a variety

of colors and styles of HUGAD finials; and make a

length from 27½ to 151½".


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