Lingerie and Lingerie's Only – A Global Report (Part ... - Fibre2fashion

Lingerie and Lingerie's Only – A Global Report (Part ... - Fibre2fashion


In the present society, women are more conscious about their personality and

demand for gorgeous intimate apparels has increased. They prefer wearing beautiful

lingerie as an expression of their sensuality. Twenty-five years before, women of UK

had only a handful of choices regarding lingerie's; either M&S cotton briefs, or cheap

intimate wears from Knickerbox, or a simple one with lace trims. Lingerie

was considered as a commodity or necessity. The feeling that

intimate wears are important came into the minds of British women

during the 90s, and the motive of fashion lingerie was nurtured.

Now, the average British woman is elegantly dressed and looks

confident than she was years before, due to the disposable

income she has acquired, and the wide range of choices

available in front of her.

The total worth of British lingerie market is

estimated to be around £2.48 billion during

the past year, which is a growth of 13%

compared with the figures of 2002. On an

average, one million bras are being sold in

the UK market; annually. Industry leaders are

of the opinion that UK lingerie market will

further grow to around £2.73 billion at the end

of 2008, exhibiting a growth of 16% as

compared with 2004, and reach £2.9 billion

by 2011. They further contemplate that the market

may be dampened by a slow down in consumer

spending on the high street and a relatively flat

period of price rises. Global market is being

manipulated by cheap overseas products, and this

will have an influence on the slow growing, stable

lingerie market in UK.

Manufacture of low cost apparels is being outsourced to the Far East, and intimate wears are no exception to

this. Hence, many manufacturers are finding it hard to maintain their margin as they are pressurized by the

retailers who intend to keep down their prices to sustain in the competitive retail distribution system. High street

now views intimate apparels as an integral fashion item, along with super markets, and clothing manufactures

promoting their products making it a fierce arena to operate. Some branded lingerie manufacturers are moving

into the retail scenario with the notion of launching their own stores during 2008. The next decade will witness

the performance of how well brands fare over in the UK intimate market.

Wearing designer lingerie is now gaining equal importance as wearing branded

shoes on our feet. The leading British chain stores Marks & Spencer contributed for

one third of the lingerie sales during the last year. There is a fascination among the

British women for expensive intimate wears, and many are ready to pay more for

lingerie than for clothes. Designer brands like Agent Provocateur and Stella MC

Cartney are having a good demand in the market. Till some time before it was

considered that every occasion requires appropriate attire, but this was not believed

to be essential for inner wears. But now, times have changed and there are

exclusive lingerie categories' to match every special occasion like bridal lingerie,

sporty, natural, elegant etc. Agent Provocateur's bridal ranges are designed in

creamy or white hue with elegancy and sexy style especially for that day which a

woman waits all her life. Fantasie in a UK brand that focuses' more on plus size

lingerie's. Intimate apparel sales in UK are more influenced by Fantasie. This brand

is at the forefront of stylish and modest lingerie.

Trends in intimate wears have been influenced by the developments in fabrics like stretch lace, blended fibres,

glow yarns, mesh etc. Women seek comfort, glamour, and a feminine charm in the current styles. Floral patterns

will be available in classic colors evoking the earthy, woody, and natural sentiments supplemented with delicate

laces exuding femininity.

Opaques, stockings, and sheer tights are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger women.

Colored opaque tights is one of the big trends coming up along with stockings and garters seen again on the

catwalks. Stockings are flying off the shelves, with lacy-topped ones being the biggest hit. This has also

motivated the high street retailers to adopt the trend. Opulent lingerie's with square necklines have influenced

the designers for this season. Grey will have a renaissance and will be in fad. This subtle, sophisticated shade

will be a sweet and flirty fashion. Feminine embroidered voile intimate apparels with lace frills will be seen in the

store racks. Delicate patterns of guipure lace sewn together by just a few threads will take the shopper to the

mysterious Baroque era.

Fashion over the past decade has changed with low rise jeans and similar type of apparels. Women require a

right type of lingerie in a right color, shape and fit which would support the garment. Lingerie, like lipstick has

become an item of self-indulgence. Along with regular manicure, and pedicure women now set aside a part of

their budget for shopping fashion lingerie. With more and more women spending enormous amount of money on

intimate wears, the UK market shows potential. Wearing luxurious intimate apparel boosts the confidence of the

woman that she is worth it.






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