WAGNER-Absackmaschine - WAGNER Maschinen GmbH


WAGNER-Absackmaschine - WAGNER Maschinen GmbH


For all applications which don’t need gravimetric, calibrated dosing, the automatic WAGNER-bagfilling-machine

type WAMA-VOL provides a special inexpensive alternative.

It is the best solution to fill free flowing powders and granulates in open bags or valve bags.

If weighing is not required the complete filling process can be carried out with pneumatic

components only.

The machine can be build with defined or variable volume for filling different quantities.

Different lengths of bags can be filled by a height adjustable conveyor.

The construction allows the handling of the bags in a comfortable position to avoid unnecessary

physical effort by the user.

Carefully detailed construction faciliates the cleaning and service of the machine.

The machine is available in Steel, galvanized, painted or in stainless steel.

The mobile version allows the filling at different places.

All dimensions including height of the machine can be adapted to meet narrow and restricted


Different ATEX-versions are available.

A foil-welding-machine or a sewing-machine can be attached optionally.

The WAMA-VOL is distinguished by its simple and sturdy construction and the meticulous attention

to detail in the manufacturing process, characteristics shared by all WAGNER bag-filling machines.

amongst others variable volumes can be

realized by changable cardridges

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