Generation Capacity Expansion Planning in Deregulated Electricity ...

Generation Capacity Expansion Planning in Deregulated Electricity ...

4.3 Case Study

4.3.1 System Data

The mathematical model discussed in the previous section is a Mix-Integer linear programming

model which is programmed in the GAMS [19] environment, GAMS in used because of its flexibility

and available tools in it [22]. This model is designed from the prospective of an individual investor

willing to invest in generation sector with discrete unit sizes, while the location option and

transmission resources are given to it and firm can give its conditions to centralize planning authority

for invest in the generation sector. In which firm can put its conditions for specific transmission line

capacity expansion during planning horizon.

In this work the objective of the firm remains maximizing profit. In the case study objective is

maximized while recording change in power flows of transmission lines during the plan period, on

the basis of those flows, firm can take its decision and can put its conditions while investing in the

generation sector that transmission capacity should be increase during plan period according to the

requirement, while all other constraints related to plants parameter, future demand in the system and

environment constraint should be satisfied by this plan. For transmission system data, modified IEEE

30-Bus system is used in this work, whose pre-installed generators and line parameters are given in

Appendix A. It is assumed that the pre-installed generators in this modified IEEE 30-Bus system are

providing Active power to the system before planning and will continue serve the system as per their

capabilities. To calculate their cost of generation and emission every hour, cost coefficients and

emission coefficients are taken in to consideration as mentioned in Appendix A, Table XIX.

Table XVII in Appendix A, shows the technical specifications of transmission lines in the modified

IEEE 30-Bus network, the pre-installed line flow capacities are assumed according to the KV of the

individual lines, same line flow capacity is considered for the first year operation of the planning

horizon, as shown in Table XII.


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