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Dermatologic Differential Diagnosis.pdf. - Famona Site

Dermatologic Differential Diagnosis.pdf. - Famona Site


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type); hypertrophy of lower part of body (Laignel–Lavastine

and Viard type) Q J Med 41:343–354, 1972; association with

hypocomplementemia (C3 nephritic factor) NEJM

294:461–465, 1976

Perifollicular atrophoderma

Perifollicular macular atrophy (perifollicular elastolysis) –

gray-white follicular papules or finely wrinkled round areas

of atrophy with central hair follicle; upper trunk, neck, earlobes,

arms JAAD 51:165–185, 2004; BJD 83:143–150, 1970

Periodic nail shedding – thin or atrophic nails Ghatan

p.109, 2002, Second Edition

Perioral pigmented follicular atrophoderma BJD

139:713–718, 1998

Periumbilical pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Pohl–Pinkus constriction of hair BJD 79:43–50, 1967

Poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans

Porokeratosis – of Mibelli – central atrophy AD 122:586–587,

1986; disseminated superficial (actinic) porokeratosis

Int J Dermatol 34:71–72, 1998; BJD 123:249–254, 1996;

Cutis 42:345–348, 1988; palmoplantar porokeratosis JAAD

21:415–418, 1989

Prurigo nodularis – anetodermic prurigo nodularis JAAD

25:437–442, 1991

Reactive perforating collagenosis – early childhood, precipitated

by trauma; skin-colored umbilicated papules; heal with

hypopigmentation or scar AD 121:1554–1555, 1557–1558,


Reticulated atrophoderma

Rudimentary meningocoele and membranous aplasia cutis with

hair collar AD 131:1427–31, 1995

Sacral dimples

Sclerotic panatrophy – may follow morphea or occur

spontaneously; linear or annular or circumferential bands

around limbs Rook p.2016, 1998, Sixth Edition

SHORT syndrome – short stature, hyperextensible joints, ocular

depression, Reiger (ocular and dental) anomaly, teething delay,

loss of subcutaneous fat of face, upper extremities, chest and

abdomen Am J Med 108:143–152, 2000

Spontaneous atrophic patches in extremely premature infants

AD 132:671–674, 1996

Striae distensae (striae atrophicans) Rook p.2004,2008, 1998,

Sixth Edition

Ulerythema ophryogenes

Upper dermal elastolysis – yellow papules of neck with coarse

furrows or wrinkles JAAD 51:165–185, 2004

Vermiculate atrophoderma – honeycomb atrophy Rook p.2011,

1998, Sixth Edition

X-linked dominant ichthyosis (Happle’s syndrome) (Conradi-

Hünermann syndrome) – chondrodysplasia punctata,

ichthyosis, cataract syndrome; collodion baby or ichthyosiform

erythroderma; Blaschko pattern of erythroderma and scaling;

plantar hyperkeratosis; resolves with time to reveal swirls of fine

scale, linear hyperpigmentation, follicular atrophoderma of arms

and legs, cicatricial alopecia; skeletal defects with short stature

severe autosomal rhizomelic type; X-linked recessive variant

Rook p.1520, 1998, Sixth Edition


Factitial traumatic panniculitis mimicking acrodermatitis

atrophicans JAAD 13:988–994, 1985

Neurotic excoriations – atrophic scars Compr Psychiatry

27:381–386, 1986



Achenbach’s syndrome (paroxysmal hematoma of the finger) –

mimics bruising or steroid atrophy Rook p.2007, 1998,

Sixth Edition; BJD 132:319, 1995

Acquired partial lipodystrophy (progressive lipodystrophy, partial

lipodystrophy, Barraquer–Simons syndrome) – gradual-onset loss

of subcutaneous fat from face, neck, trunk, and upper extremities

during childhood; normal or excess amount of subcutaneous fat

in hips and lower extremities, proteinuria or mesangiocapillary

glomerulonephritis, low C3, presence of C3-nephritic factor, no

insulin resistance; presence of other autoimmune diseases J Clin

Endocrinol Metab 85:1776–1782, 2000


Acrogeria – atrophy and mottled hyperpigmentation of acral

skin; thick or thin nails, micrognathia, atrophic tip of nose

BJD 151:497–501, 2004; BJD 142:178–180, 2000; BJD

103:213–223, 1980; Arch Dermatol Syphiligr 181:571–583, 1941

Adams–Oliver syndrome – congenital scalp ACC and amniotic

bands with reduction of terminal phalanges of fingers and toes

(terminal transverse limb defects) Textbook of Neonatal

Dermatology, p.127, 2001; Clin Genet 47:80–84, 1995; J Hered

36:3–7, 1945

Amniotic band syndrome Int J Dermatol 27:312–4, 1988

Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia

Anonychia with ectrodactyly

AREDYLD syndrome – ectodermal dysplasia, lipoatrophy,

diabetes, mellitus, amastia Am J Med Genet 44:374–377,

1992; Am J Med Genet 16:29–33, 1983

Ascher’s syndrome – periorbital edema; edema of lips,

double lip, blepharochalasis AD 139:1075–1080, 2003;

Rook p.2984, 1998, Sixth Edition; Klin Monatsbl Augenheilkd

65:86–97, 1920

Ataxia telangiectasia – lipoatrophy JAAD 42:939–969, 2000;

JAAD 10:431–438, 1984; atrophic plaque of cutaneous

granuloma of ataxia telangiectasia AD 134:1145–1150,

1998; atrophy of skin Rook p.2095, 1998, Sixth Edition

Baraitser syndrome (premature aging with short stature and

pigmented nevi) – lack of facial subcutaneous fat, fine hair,

hypospadias, dental abnormalities, hepatomegaly J Med

Genet 25:53–56, 1988

Barber–Say syndrome – autosomal dominant or X-linked;

macrostomia, hypertelorism, atrophic skin, hypertrichosis

Am J Med Genet 73:366–367, 1997

Bart’s syndrome – aplasia cutis congenita of the legs with

dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa Caputo p.131, 2000

Bazex–Dupre–Christol syndrome (X-linked dominant) – milia

and comedo-like papules, congenital hypotrichosis, anhidrosis,

X-linked dominant, follicular (vermiculate) atrophoderma of the

face, elbows and hands, hypohidrosis, basal cell nevi and basal

cell carcinomas, pinched nose, keratosis pilaris, scrotal tongue,

joint hypermobility BJD 153:682–684, 2005; Dermatol Surg

26:152–154, 2000; Ped Derm 16:108–110, 1999; JAAD

39:853–857, 1998; AD 130:337–342, 1994; Hautarzt

44:385–391, 1993; Ann Dermatol Syphilgr (Paris) 93:241–254,

1966; Bull Soc Franc Derm Syph 71:206,1964

Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome (exomphalos–macroglossia–

gigantism) (EMG) syndrome – autosomal dominant; zosteriform

rash at birth, circular depressions of helices, exomphalos,

macroglossia, visceromegaly, facial nevus flammeus and

gigantism; earlobe grooves, punched-out depressions of

posterior pinna JAAD 37:523–549, 1997; Am J Dis Child

122:515–519, 1971

Bencze syndrome – hemifacial atrophy with esotropia,

amblyopia, and submucous cleft palate Clin Genet

16:301–304, 1979

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