The Eco-Innovation Challenge

The Eco-Innovation Challenge

Annex I. Barriers and drivers of

eco-innovation in the EU-27



The drivers and barriers in this annex are based on the EIO country profiles and

depict the main determinants identified by country experts based on data analysis,

literature review as well as interviews with national policy makers.





Eco-innovation drivers in sectors according to EB2011

Drivers Barriers

• High environmental standards

• Generous funding for research

• Uncertainty about future energy prices

• Strong greening policy agenda (regional and


• Strong national technological capabilities

(HC,R&D efforts)

• Increasing local and international demand in

green technology and products

Economic payback

• Targeted funds (programmes and credits)

The high quality and educational level

• Growing financial support for Innovation

and R&D

• Flexible policy formulation, coordination

and dissemination due to the small size of


• Focus on exchange of experience through

participation in funded schemes

• SME-type structure of the industry

• Lack of linkages

• Funding for high-risk/long-term research and

demonstration projects

• Pitfall in inter-regional coordination,

integrated planning and decision making

• “Picking the winner strategy” (bias towards

climate related areas)

• Lack of information

• Lack of educated and experienced


• Lack of efficient organisational forms

• Psychological barriers in the realization of

innovative ideas

• Indifferent to eco-innovation regulation

• Lack of linkages/ communication between

research and industry

• No support in transfer of technologies.

• Lack of financial instruments supporting

eco-innovations in the private sector

Annual Report 2010


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