The Eco-Innovation Challenge

The Eco-Innovation Challenge


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Eco-innovation good practice 6

Closed system for soilless culture, Cyprus

Figure 4.6

Source: ARI Cyrprus

Share of innovation investments related

to eco-innovation over the last 5 years

Agriculture and fishing


Scarcity of water combined with high costs of collection

are constrains for irrigated agriculture in Cyprus. An

open system of soilless culture is currently favoured

commercially, but it is associated with water and fertilizer

loss. A closed water use system has been developed by

the Agricultural Research Institute of Cyprus and is being

tested on tomato cultivation. Protected cultivation and

soilless culture are promising alternatives for agriculture in

the Mediterranean region; the water consumption of a well

managed closed system is nearly zero, being reduced to

the evaporisation level of the plants. For more information

visit the EIO online repository of good practices.


More than 50 % Between 30 % and 49 % Between 10 % and 29 % Less than 10 % None No innovative activities DK/NA

Source: EC 2011b; Q6: Over the last 5 years, what share of innovation investments in your company were related to eco-innovation,

i.e. implementing new or substantially improved solutions resulting in more efficient use in material, energy and water?


Food services

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