The Eco-Innovation Challenge

The Eco-Innovation Challenge


List of Acronyms

BAU Business–as-usual

BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and China

CIS Community Innovation Survey

DMC Domestic Material Consumption

DMI Direct Material Input

EB Eurobarometer

Eco–IS European EcoInnovation Scoreboard

EEA European Environment Agency

EIO EcoInnovation Observatory

EMAS Eco–Management and Audit Scheme

EPIA European Photovoltaic Industry Association

ETC/SCP European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production

EU ETS The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme

GCI Global Competitiveness Index

GDP Gross Domestic Product

IEA International Energy Agency

LCA Life–Cycle Assessment

MFA Material flow accounting and analysis

MIPS Material Intensity Per Service unit

NACE Nomenclature statistique des activités économiques

dans la Communauté européenne (The Statistical Classification

of Economic Activities in the European Community)

NAS Net additions to stock

NIC Newly Industrialised Countries

OECD The Organisation for Economic Co–operation and Development

PPP Purchasing Power Parity

RMC Raw Material Consumption

RMI Raw Material Input

SME Small and medium-sized enterprises

TMC Total Material Consumption

TMR Total Material Requirement

UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme

WBCSD The World Business Council for Sustainable Development

WTO World Trade Organization

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