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The Crane - 11th October 2013

The Crane - 11th October

Dates to note Please make a note of the forthcoming events. The newsletter of Hiroshima International School Monday, 14 th October – Parent-­‐Teacher-­‐Student Conferences – 09:00-­‐15:30 Tuesday, 15 th October – School photographs Thursday, 17 th October – Parent Coffee Morning, followed by PTA General Meeting 19 th -­‐27 th October – Mid-­‐semester break 11 th October 2013 Parent-­‐Teacher-­‐Student Conferences On Monday we will be holding our Parent-­‐Teacher-­‐Student Conferences for this semester: this is an oppor-­‐ tunity for you and your child to sit down with their teachers and follow-­‐up on the Interim Report as well as learning issues in general. Parents of children in the Primary School should have received an appointment time in hard copy: please be on time, as teachers have to stick to the schedule. There will be an ‘open ses-­‐ sion’ for secondary students, i.e. you turn up and wait to see teachers depending on their availability. Teachers will be taking their lunch break between 12:20 and 13:20, and all parents are asked to respect this: please make sure that you have ended any morning conference by 12:20. Thank you. School is closed on Monday other than for the conferences: there will be no activities. What Is Bonfire Night? To get into the history of the events surrounding the origins of Bonfire Night, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night, would take up a lot of space and have half of you falling asleep, and the other half argu-­‐ ing about accuracy. However, I'll try and give you a very basic explanation. The Crane A man named Guy Fawkes was part of a group of people who tried to blow up the British Parliament build-­‐ ings in 1605, as a bold political statement against the religious policies of the government of the time, or an act of terrorism, depending on your philosophy. They were caught in the nick of time, and the Houses of Parliament were saved. They were sentenced to death for the crime of treason, and were tortured, execut-­‐ ed, and their heads placed on spikes outside the Tower of London. The King made a law the following Janu-­‐ ary, in 1606, making commemorating the saving of the House of Lords a compulsory annual celebration.

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