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Fauquier County Demographic Fact Sheet

Fauquier County Demographic Fact Sheet


DEMOGRAPHIC FACT SHEET EDUCATION In-Commuters The number of workers who commuted into the County for employment is also an interesting piece of information to note. In 2000, over 63% of people who worked in Fauquier County also lived here, while the remaining portion of workers commuted into the County from other places. Over 10% of the labor force commuted from Culpeper County in 2000. The top ten places of residence for people who worked in Fauquier County in 2000 are listed in the chart. EDUCATION Census 2000 indicated that 27.1% of Fauquier County’s adults had a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 29.5% in Virginia and 24.4% in the United States as a whole. Educational Attainment in Fauquier County, 2000 (Persons 25 years and over) Bachelor's degree 18% Associate's degree 6% Graduate or Professional Degree 9% Some college, no degree 24% Less than 9th grade 6% Some High School 9% High School Degree 28% Source: U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Census 2000 Summary File 3. Updated September 2007 Page 12

DEMOGRAPHIC FACT SHEET EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT the County to 22,022. While the number of jobs located in Fauquier County increased and decreased in the 1990s, data for the past several years indicate that the County has experienced steady job growth. According to the Virginia Employment Commission, an additional 443 jobs were added in Fauquier County in 2006, bumping the average annual number of jobs located within Unemployment rates for Fauquier County have reflected similar, cyclical trends that Virginia and the United States have experienced, however at lower levels. In 2006, Fauquier County averaged 36,663 in the civilian labor force, with 35,792 of those employed, and an unemployment rate of 2.4%. The average weekly wage in Fauquier County was $723 in 2006. At-Place Employment Annual Averages Year At-Place Employment Change from (Annual Averages) previous year 1993 13,753 170 1994 14,216 463 1995 14,725 509 1996 15,143 418 1997 15,110 -33 1998 15,325 215 1999 16,084 759 2000 17,138 1,054 2001 17,715 577 2002 18,766 1,051 2003 19,365 599 2004 20,713 1,348 2005 21,579 866 2006 22,022 443 Source: Virginia Employment Commission, ES-202 data. Updated September 2007 Page 13

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