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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Project Area Vicinity

Project Area Vicinity Figure 7: Map of Culpeper County and parts of the counties of Warren, Rappahannock, Madison, Orange, and Fauquier (1863) (Office of Surveys and Maps 1863). Project Area Vicinity Figure 8: A map of Fauquier Co. Virginia (Boswell 1863). 18 North North

Figure 9: The War in Virginia- Battle of Rappahannock Station November 7, 1863 (Library of Congress 1863b). Jed Hotchkiss, a confederate topographer, recounted the battle in his journal (McDonald 1973:181-182): Saturday, November 7 th (1863). It is reported in the morning that the Yankees were advancing and soon they appeared, in [force] at Kelly’s Ford, with several batteries, and opened on the small force Gen Rodes had out, on picket, with only short range artillery; they drove it away and across the river. A portion of his men fought to the last, until surrounded and forced to give up; by that time he got his division into line and drove back the advance of the enemy and then halted in his old camp. Gen Johnson was sent from his camp, near Brandy, to Rodes’ aid and formed on his right. In the meantime the enemy had advanced, in force on Rappahannock Station, where General Early had Hoke’s and Hay’s Brigades, on picket, across the river, on the east side, in a work built to guard the end of the pontoon bridge. The enemy formed a line of battle, after skirmishing until nearly dark, and behind each regiment put others in column of companies, and thus formed, advanced rapidly and passed over and got possession of the work on our right and cut off our men from the bridge, and most of those, after a bloody fight, were compelled to surrender, though many of them got away by swimming the river. Some even clubbed their muskets and fought. Gen. Early destroyed the bridge so the enemy could not cross at once. The error seems to have been, partly, in the construction of the works that could be so easily passed over; and it is said that they had several dead points that our fire could not reach, and that they were dug partly under the hill and so the enemy were able to get on the hill above them, unperceived. Some of the men say the enemy came in the form of a wedge and forced the work. Be it as it may, they took 1,300 prisoners from us and compelled us to leave the bridge. 19

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