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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Resource Number 030-5406

Resource Number 030-5406 circa 1960 030-5407 circa 1950 Date Resource Description House, Old Culpeper Road House, James Madison Highway 030-5408 circa 1980 Wankoma Village 030-5411 circa 1890 Hopkins Farm 030-5433 circa 1910 House, Route 1201 030-5504 N/A 288-5001 1880 288-5002 circa 1903 Rappahannock Station Battlefield Park Remington Historic District Remington Farmers Coop 288-5003 circa 1905 Groves Hardware Store 30 with stucco exterior and Central Passage Plan 1-story, L-shaped Ranch dwelling 1.5-story frame dwelling with weatherboard siding 2-story multiple-family dwelling 2-story Victorian-style frame dwelling with central passage plan 2-story Victorian-style building with rear ell A park within the Rappahannock Station Battlefield Mixture of residential, commercial and religious buildings 3-story Classical Revival commercial building 2-story brick commercial building NRHP Eligibility Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Eligible Not Evaluated NRHP Listing May 5, 2005 Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

RESULTS OF FIELDWORK A total of 474 STPs was excavated across the project area (Figure 13, p. 32). An abandoned home dating to the last quarter of the nineteenth century, a modern cementcapped well, and a dilapidated silo are located within the project boundaries. The average depth of STPs was 16.3 inches with a maximum depth of 40 inches. The average depth of A-horizon soils was 9.1 inches with a maximum of 39 inches. Given the undulating topography of the project area the soil profiles varied depending on their topographic location. In the higher elevations the shovel tests were relatively shallow with a light yellowish brown silty sand A-horizon overlying a yellowish brown sandy clay B-horizon. In the lower areas, especially closest to the river, shovel tests extended to a depth of 3 feet without reaching subsoil. In general the profiles displayed a reddish brown loamy sand A-horizon overlying a yellowish brown compact silty sand. This layer was underlain by a dark yellowish brown gravelly sand subsoil. A total of 529 artifacts was recovered, of which 392 (74.1 percent) were historic and 137 (25.9 percent) was prehistoric (Appendix C, p. 111). The highest densities of artifacts were located in the western portion of the project area. One prehistoric (44FQ0250) and four multi-component sites (44FQ0246–44FQ0249) and four isolated finds were recorded during the survey. These sites are discussed below. Metal Detector Survey and Isolated Finds The metal detector survey was conducted at 25-foot intervals across the project area to investigate for Civil War deposits. A total of 3 artifacts which definitively date to the Civil War-era were recovered during the metal detector survey. All three artifacts were 3-ring, fired Minnie balls. While additional metal items were recovered during this portion of the survey, none could be conclusively linked to the Civil War occupation of the project area. Because all of the metal detector hits were located within a site defined by the shovel test survey, they were incorporated into each site description. Of the excavated shovel tests five locations were deemed isolated finds. While the presence of cultural material generally represents cultural activity in the area during a particular period, they likely do not represent concentrated activities. For this reason these artifacts have been defined as an isolated find rather than an archaeological site. No additional archaeological work is recommended in these areas. IF1 –STP M-8 located in the north-central portion of the project area produced one piece of quartz angular debris. Due to a lack of additional cultural material it was determined to represent ephemeral cultural activity across the landscape and not a concentration of cultural activity. As such, this was not assigned a site number. 31

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