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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

The Old School House

The Old School House (030-0139) is located within the boundaries of this site, as mapped by the DHR. This resource was defined as a post-1865 building however, nothing remains of it today. While a larger portion of historic material was recovered from the area in which the Old School House was located no discernable artifact concentrations were noted. Photo 6: Sample of Artifacts Recovered From Site 44FQ0246. From left: 2 3-ring bullets, cut nail, stoneware, clear bottle neck, and green bottle glass. Table 3: Types and Counts of Historic Artifacts Recovered From 44FQ0246. Artifact Type Count Percentage Architecture 18 23.1 Domestic 45 57.7 Metal 12 15.4 Personal 1 1.3 Military 2 2.5 Total 78 100 The prehistoric component of this site is represented by 12 lithic artifacts (Figure 17). The prehistoric assemblage is dominated by secondary flakes and angular debris, both accounting for 42 percent of the assemblage or 84 percent of the assemblage together. The only other artifact class represented is tertiary flakes (n=2, 16 percent). 36

16% (n=2) 42% (n=5) 37 42% (n=5) Angular Debris Secondary Flake Tertiary Flake Figure 17: Prehistoric Assemblage from Site 44FQ0246. Quartz is the primary material present in the collection, composing 84 percent of the assemblage. Both quartzite and greenstone are represented by a single artifact. It is likely that all of these materials were procured locally from cobble beds. If this is the case, this material may have been initially reduced at the source, minimizing the weight and allowing the material to be inspected. This would account for the lack of primary flakes in the collection. The prehistoric artifacts present at this site point to mid to late stage reduction. The high quantity of angular debris may be an indication of a more expedient reduction technology; however, it may simply result from the utilization of a lower quality material. It is likely that this site represents a small temporary resource procurement and processing location. While no temporally sensitive artifacts were recovered, Archaic Period sites similar to this are relatively common on the first bench above a major drainage. In sum, site 44FQ0246 is a multi-component site dating to the mid-late nineteenth century with an indeterminate prehistoric affiliation. The historic assemblage appears to primarily be representative of deposits associated with the no longer standing Old School House (030-0139). According to a survey completed in the 1970s the Old School House was constructed just after the Civil War and had a full basement and enclosed staircase. The recovery of two Civil War-era bullets were the only materials that could be definitively associated with the Civil War occupation of the area. Evaluation and Significance The significance of site 44FQ0246 was evaluated in relation to the NRHP eligibility criteria. The site was evaluated in regards to Criterion A, for its association with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history; Criterion B, for its association with people significant in our nation’s history; Criterion C, for its

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