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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Key: = Positive Shovel

Key: = Positive Shovel Test =Negative Shovel Test = Shovel Test Not Excavated 0 50 100 200 300 Scale (ft) N 0 10 in. 20 in. 30 in. 40 in. 30 29 28 27 26 25 22 23 24 17 18 19 20 21 16 B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Figure 22: Base Map of Site 44FQ0248. I II * Unexcavated STP J21 46 44FQ0248 I = 7.5YR 4/4 brown, loamy sand. II = 7.5YR 4/4 brown, clayey sand. * Level I = A-Horizon Figure 23: Representative Shovel Test Profile from Site 44FQ0248. A total of 305 artifacts was recovered from 99 STPs and four metal detector hits within the site boundary. Historic artifact assemblage comprised 70.8 percent (n=216) of the artifact assemblage. This assemblage included architectural debris (nails, slate, and window glass), ceramics, bottle glass, various metal fragments, and personal items (Figure 24, p. 47). Although glass fragments comprised 39 percent of the total artifact assemblage and 55 percent (n=119) of the historic artifact assemblage this figure may be slightly distorted. It is possible that many glass fragments may have fracture from a few individual bottles.

Analysis of the distribution of the historic artifact assemblage revealed that a large percentage of historic artifacts were recovered from STP I23. This STP produced 68 percent (n=209) of the total artifact assemblage and 95 percent (n=207) of the historic artifact assemblage recovered. STP I23 was located near the northwestern edge of a small wooded patch at the center of the site that was likely used as a dumping area. Push pile disturbances were also observed within this wooded area in addition to a number of cow skeletons. This information combined indicates that his wooded patch of ground used as an area to dispose of unwanted domestic and farm debris. The prehistoric artifact assemblage comprised 29 percent (n=89) of the total artifact assemblage. This assemblage includes 1 biface/tool, 1 core fragment, 1 groundstone, 74 lithic debitage, and 12 Native American pottery sherds (Figure 25, p. 48). Lithics are generally made from locally obtainable quartz and quartzite although several flakes were identified as chert, greenstone, and rhyolite. While the majority of flakes were identified as tertiary-stage reduction flakes, the lithic assemblage represented tool production and maintenance (Figure 26, p. 49). Angular debris in the assemblage represents the nonflake debitage produced during the removal of large or small chunks of lithic material which are created when a detached piece shatters on impact and may indicate an expedient flake reduction technology used during one or more occupations of this site. The highest densities of prehistoric materials were recovered near the central portion of the site. 27%, (58) 6%, (12) 9%, (20) 47 3%, (7) 55%, (119) Architectural Ceramics Glass Metal Personal Figure 24: Historic Artifact Assemblage from Site 44FQ0248. Notable artifacts recovered during this survey include a quartz biface/tool and Native American pottery sherds (Photo 12, p. 49). Two types of Native American pottery sherds are present in the assemblage. The first type (A) has linear incised marks with a smooth interior surface and is tempered with sand. The darker-colored paste appears tempered

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