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Traffic Impact Analysis of New Baltimore Costco - Fauquier County

Traffic Impact Analysis of New Baltimore Costco - Fauquier County

• Route 600 (Broad Run

• Route 600 (Broad Run Church Road)/Cross Creek Site-Driveway: This is a new intersection. It will require traffic signalization to maintain acceptable levels of service. {These improvements are necessary with the proposed Cross Creek/Costco development} • Route 600 (Broad Run Church Road): By 2012 this road may need to be improved to a four-lane section between Route 29/15 and Route 215. Cross Creek/Costco traffic generates approximately 30 % of this demand between Route 29/15 and Riley Road and only 20% of this demand between Riley Road and Route 215. However, if the inter- parcel connection is provided between Cross Creek/Costco and Riley Road as shown on the Comprehensive Plan and as proposed by Cross Creek/Costco, the demand for this four-lane section may be eliminated. A Traffic Impact Analysis of New Baltimore Costco PHR+A Project # 15116-1-0 April 17, 2007 Page 26


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