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IFB - Fauquier County

IFB - Fauquier County


1.3 SYSTEM(S) DESCRIPTION AND REQUIREMENTS A. The following is a basic system(s) description and is not intended to be exhaustive in nature and is not complete for proper installation or operation of system(s). The AV specification and the AV Bid Set drawings need to be fully reviewed together to ensure that the design intent and list of design intent equipment is completely understood. Falcon Room The room shall utilize a video projector that shall be ceiling mounted and display video content onto an OFE recessed ceiling mounted motorized projection screen. An additional wall mounted flat panel display shall be located on the left (facing the front of the room) sidewall of the room for supplemental viewing. The flat panel display shall have the same video or independent video sources as the video projector. A second flat panel display shall be located on the left sidewall facing the front of the room. This flat panel shall be used as a “confidence monitor” and shall display the same video content that is being displayed on the front projection screen. Ceiling speakers shall be used for reinforcement of audio from the various input sources as well as the amplification of a wireless lavaliere or headset microphone used by the presenter. There shall be (3) three pan/tilt cameras mounted in the room, so that participants and the presenter in the room can be viewed or be sent to a remote or recording location. Two cameras shall be located at the front of the room to capture the presenter(s) at the podium locations and the participates in the raised seating area. A third camera shall be located at the rear of the room to capture head table location. The room shall also have audio video floor boxes and wall box locations. They shall have computer inputs (Analog/Digital), AC power; touch panel control, and microphone connectivity. The wall plates located on the columns in the seating area shall have touch panel connectivity only. The space shall also have an assistive listening system designed into the room. The system shall be equipped with neck loops to accommodate people with hearing aids. There shall be connectivity from the Falcon Room to the Distance Learning Lab located in the library. A one-way audio and video signal shall be sent to the Distance Learning Lab for overflow audio/video and/or interface with their existing system. All AV equipment shall be operated by a control system local to the room. A touch panel shall be used to provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface to the control system. This will allow the operator to sit in the seating area and operate the A/V system. The touch panel shall be table top style and connect to the system via a wall plate. The control system shall operate all transport functions of the Blu-Ray. The system shall also control video-conferencing, digital matrix switchers, auto-mixers (DSP), video projector, flat displays, pan/tilt cameras, projection screen, playback, and microphone volume. All local AV equipment shall be “housed” in the portable lectern/case and all stationary AV equipment shall be located in the equipment rack(s) in AV Equipment Room. The AV equipment room will need to be climate controlled for the equipment rack(s). IFB# 98-13kh Fauquier High School Falcon Room Audio Visual Systems page 20 of 50

1.4 RELATED WORK A. Conduits: 1. Review all existing conduit runs, existing junction boxes, and existing electrical outlets. Provide new conduit, junction boxes, and electrical outlets where necessary under Division 26 and provide fit-up and coordination drawings as required for proper communication and understanding between trades. 2. Verify and inspect rough-in of all necessary conduits and outlets. 3. Provide a written acceptance of all field conditions or a list of any discrepancies within ten (10) working days from Notice to Proceed. 1.5 DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING A. The AV Contractor shall carefully control handling and installation of all items which are not immediately replaceable, so that completion of the work will not be delayed by hardware or equipment losses before, during, and after installation. The AV Contractor is responsible for all items until Final Acceptance. B. The AV Contractor shall, prior to installation, protect exposed surfaces with material which is easily removed without marring finishes. C. The AV Contractor shall, without cost to the Owner or Consultant, replace any products damaged during storage or handling. 1.6 SCHEDULING A. The AV Contractor shall submit a schedule to the Owner and Consultant for approval within 10 (ten) working days from notice to proceed. The schedule shall show sequence of work, etc. from time of Notice to Proceed to final sign off of project. This schedule shall be submitted on Microsoft Project, both paper and electronic format, with submittals. B. It shall be the responsibility of the AV Contractor to coordinate the installation of the system(s) to be compatible with the work of the other trades as necessary. The AV Contractor shall attend bi-weekly progress meetings and provide continuous on-site project management. C. It shall be the responsibility of the AV Contractor to arrange with the Owner and Consultant a mutually acceptable time for Acceptance Testing, based upon the dates provided in the Solicitation. D. The AV Contractor shall provide operating personnel with extensive training for each system type and/or room type as outlined in Section 1.03. 1.7 BID/TECHNICAL PROPOSALS A. All requests for information (RFI) shall be directed to the Fauquier County Procurement Department. B. The AV Contractor shall be experienced in the provision of systems similar in complexity to those required for this project and AV Contractor shall provide documentation demonstrating the below minimum criteria: 1. The primary business of the AV Contractor/Installer shall be the installation of audio and video systems. IFB# 98-13kh Fauquier High School Falcon Room Audio Visual Systems page 21 of 50

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