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IFB - Fauquier County

IFB - Fauquier County

14. Provide with black

14. Provide with black blank panels. 15. Provide with caster base. 16. Supply black in color. 17. Acceptable product: a. Middle Atlantic MRK series b. MRK-4036 with as necessary: c. SPN-40-36, MW-10FT-FC, MW-4QFT-FC, LACE-40-OP, LBP-1.5, MRK-Z4, VFD-40, MV-RR40, BR1, CBS-MRK-36 B. Equipment Rack Power 1. Provide as outlined below unless otherwise noted. 2. Provide with independent circuits as shown on drawings and appropriate. 3. Provide with technical/isolated ground outlets. 4. Provide with copper “bus bars” for proper grounding. 5. Provide with “bonding” hardware as required. 6. Provide with electrical isolation of power conduits. 7. Provide with power cords of either 6” or 12” lengths only. 8. Size as required and shown on drawings and section 3.02. 9. Acceptable product: a. Middle Atlantic: b. PD-24155C, BB-40, ISO-KOP, BOND-G24 C. Power Conditioner 1. Magnetic shielding steel enclosure. 2. 9' grounded 3-wire #12 line cord. 3. Load Rating: 20 amps @ 120 volts. 4. Remote turn-on. 5. Acceptable product: a. SurgeX SX1120RT D. UPS 1. 980 W Output power capacity 2. 120 V Nominal output voltage 3. Six NEMA 5-15R Output connections 4. 26.5 minute typical backup time at half load 5. 7.4 minute typical backup time at full load 6. Acceptable product: a. APC SUA2200RM2U 2.11 CAMERAS A. VTC Codec 1. Standards-compliant 1080p solution. 2. Individual Transcoding embedded MultiSite. 3. HD collaboration with resolutions up to WXGA at full frame rate. 4. Optimal definition up to 1080p. 5. H.323/SIP up to 6 Mbps point-to-point. 6. Connect up to 3 HD sources and 2 microphones directly into the interface. 7. Full duplex audio with high-quality stereo sound. 8. Full APIs. 9. Utilizes ClearPath packet loss protection technology for optimal experience. IFB# 98-13kh Fauquier High School Falcon Room Audio Visual Systems page 32 of 50

10. Acceptable product: a. Tandberg C40 P + C b. Tandberg 119802MS c. Tandberg 119802PR d. Misc Break Out Cables B. PTZ Camera 1. Over 850 lines of horizontal resolution and 54db S/N. 2. Supports 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 480/59.94i and 576/50i. 3. Full HD CMOS imager and new DSP produce realistic video in varied lighting conditions. 4. 18X HD optical zoom lens plus a 10X digital zoom for use in rooms of all sizes. 5. Three-step gamma correction and seven-step chroma level adjustment for exceptional creative control. 6. Up to 100 pre-set memories can be stored in the camera unit, for rapid and precise remote recall. 7. An electronic shutter (1/100 to 1/10,000 a sec) with synchro scan. 8. Supports both IP and AW-series RS-422 serial control, as well as 3rd party serial control systems. 9. Acceptable product: a. Panasonic AW-HE50H 2.12 CONTROL SYSTEM A. Master Controller 1. Dual-bus architecture. 2. 6 Com ports. 3. 8 IR/serial ports. 4. 8 Versiport I/O ports. 5. 8 Relay ports. 6. Provide with all necessary cards and power supply. 7. Acceptable product: a. Crestron AV2 b. Crestron CAGE2 c. Crestron C2ENET-1 d. Crestron C2COM3 e. Crestron Power Supply B. Touch Panel Interface 1. Touch screen graphics and HD video processing for V-Panels. 2. High-definition 24-bit graphics powered by Core 3. 3. Onboard PC applications for Web browsing, playing digital media, and viewing digital documents. 4. VNC viewer for remotely accessing and controlling external computers. 5. Native H.264 streaming video display. 6. Dual-window, full-motion HD video display. 7. Allows touch screen viewing of HDCP protected content. 8. Handles video sources up to HD 1080p60. 9. Handles high-res computer up to UXGA/WUXGA. 10. HDMI®, RGB, composite, S-Video, and component video inputs. 11. Acceptable product: a. Crestron DGE2 b. Crestron V-IMCW IFB# 98-13kh Fauquier High School Falcon Room Audio Visual Systems page 33 of 50

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