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October 2012 - Fauquier County

October 2012 - Fauquier County

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Page 2 Wasteline Newsletter 3 ring metal binders sorted for scrap metal recycling Fauquier County Public Schools 2012 Benefits Fair The Coolest Can Recycling Education Program for K-5th graders Fauquier County Recycles: More Recycling = Additional Landfill Diversion This past fiscal year, Fauquier County recycled about 22,000 tons which equated to 39% of its total waste intake. Public schools recovered about 172 tons of recyclables as their waste reduction and recycling awareness program continues to grow. A 40% recycling rate goal set in 2005 for the year 2020 has now been upped to 50%. What can Fauquier County do to meet or surpass this ambitious goal? Environmental Services wants to redesign the Corral Farm site to allow for the sorting of additional items such as mattresses and box springs for recycling. The department will also continue to reach out to residents one by one and encourage them to recycle more through adding new programs and events. Will you be the next person to join in? Promoting Recycling Awareness: Fauquier County Public Schools Benefits Fair Fauquier County Environmental Services exhibited at this year’s school benefits fair on Wednesday, August 15 at Liberty High School. Promoting recycling awareness, the department encouraged teachers to “Like” its Facebook Fauquier Recycles page by giving teachers a chance to win a reusable bag filled with extra school supplies for their classroom. The winner was Jackie Hackman, 6th grade science teacher at Auburn Middle School. Information clarifying what can be collected for recycling in county schools and new educational programs was also shared with individuals who were looking for additional recycling information. The Coolest Can: Recycling Education Program for K-5th Graders The aluminum can has been recycled since the 1970’s because of the revenue generated from this precious recyclable material. According to EPA, recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to power a television for 3 hours and the recycling process puts that aluminum can back on your grocery’s shelf within 60 days. Beginning this fall, K-5th graders may participate in a collection program for their school to give them the cans needed for a team building skills game. A fun video, provided by the Can Manufacturers Institute will show how a can is made. Elementary teachers are welcome to contact Trish Ethier at for more information and/or sign up for this 45 minute program.

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Help Save Our Earth!” A Publication by Fauquier County Environmental Services, Fall, 2012 Tire Recycling Half Off Event November 2012 For residents and farms only With the Daylight Saving Time change on Sunday, November 4, Remote Collection Sites will change their hours to 9am-5pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Celebrate America Recycles Day! November 15, 2012 For updates, inclement weather and others notices sign up for e-notification at Fauquier Recycles Like us on Facebook Landfill and Collection Site Hours Remote Collection Sites: Mon, Thurs, 9am-5pm (winter hours) 11am-7pm (summer hours) Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, 7am-3pm Remington Recycling Site: Mon, 12pm-5pm (winter hours) 2pm-7pm (summer hours) Wed, Fri, Sun, 10am-3pm Sat. 7am-3pm; Closed Tues, Thurs Corral Farm Collection Site: 7 days a week , 7am-3pm Bulk Recycling Area Closed Sun Corral Farm Landfill (commercial): Mon-Sat, 7am-3pm Safety Tip of the Quarter: Eye Safety When Using Bungee Cords Page 3 Bungee cords are inexpensive and widely used at work and home. While the usefulness of bungee cords is well known, the possibility of a serious eye injury is not. Bungee cords are made of elastic material with metal J-shaped or S-shaped hooks on each end. The cord may recoil resulting in a high speed flailing hazard when: the hook pulls out of the hand when stretched or straightened the attachment fails the cord breaks, or hook detaches from the cord Bungee cord accidents are a common cause of severe eye injuries, and older cracked cords and greater stretching pressure increases the risk of serious injury. Before using a bungee cord, please consider the following steps to reduce possible injury to your eyes: use extreme caution when stretching a cord, and never over stretch secure hooked ends carefully keep your face turned away from a cord’s rebound path wear goggles or safety glasses with side shield never use a bungee cord to hold an object subject to wind pressure consider using straps instead Fauquier County accepts the following items to be recycled: Antifreeze* Metal items Appliances* ** Mixed paper (magazines, junk mail, etc) Batteries—vehicle* Motor oil, oil filters Batteries—single use, rechargeable Newspaper with inserts Books—paperback, hardback, phone Pet carriers Cans, aluminum, steel and tin Plastic bottles/jars, #1 and #2 Cardboard Plastic retail bags, dry cleaning film Cell phones Printer cartridges Construction waste* Propane tanks*, Porcelain* Drums, 50 gallons* ** Second Generation* (for donation) Electronics* ** Textiles (clothes, purses, belts, shoes) Empty paint cans* ** Tires* Eye Glasses Tree stumps* ** Fluorescent light tubes and bulbs* ** Wood pallets* Glass bottles and jars Yard waste* US Flags* Household Hazardous Waste*-accepted1st & 3rd Sat or by appointment *Recycled exclusively at the Corral Farm Collection Site, adjacent to the landfill **Some fees associated and/or special handling/disposal preparation may be required

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