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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Project Area Vicinity

Project Area Vicinity Figure 6: Map of Culpeper County with parts of Madison, Rappahannock, and Fauquier counties, Virginia 1863 (Schedler 1863). Throughout the day Sedgwick continued shelling the Confederates and in Lee’s mind he displayed the desire to attack (Figure 10, p. 18). However, at dusk the shelling had ceased, and Sedgwick’s infantry stormed upon the works with Colonel Peter Ellmaker’s brigade advancing next to the railroad. Members of the 44th Skirmishers were among the first to scale the fortifications and drive the enemy away. Another skirmish line that entered the works of the enemy in conjunction with the 6th Corps was composed of troops from the 83rd Pennsylvania, 16th Michigan, 44th New York, and 20th Maine Volunteers commanded by Captain Hill, and the 16th Michigan Volunteers (Scott 1890:579). With the command “forward, double-quick,” the Union army charged over the works and engaged Hay’s men in hand-to-hand combat (NPS 2005) (Figure 11, p. 19). 15 North

Figure 7: Plan of the Battle of Kelly's Ford, Va., fought 7th November 1863 (Library of Congress 1863b). 16 Project Area Vicinity North (Not to Scale)

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