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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

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idge. In addition, Cow’s Ford, also known as Rappahannock Station Ford, remains just south of the modern railroad bridge. A Confederate battery position is known to have been on a knoll just north of Route 29. Grave sites are also located on this knoll, locally designated as a Confederate cemetery, though no official determination of the type of cemetery has been made. While the Remington Historic District (288-5001) is officially recognized as being built in 1880, properties included in the district date to as early as 1850 and as late as 1990. The district’s contributing components include 62 domestic dwellings and associated structures. Nineteen of these properties were constructed prior to 1900 and include outbuildings such as barns, a machine shed, a summer kitchen, meathouses, corncribs, well houses, and miscellaneous sheds. In 1872, Remington United Methodist Church was built. In 1881, construction began on St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and was completed in 1888. The original Episcopal Church had been constructed in 1860 and was burned by Union troops in 1861. Construction on St. Luke’s Parish Hall also began in 1881. Soon after, in 1884, the cornerstone of Remington Baptist Church was laid down, with the dedication of the church occurring in 1889. More than half of the historic district’s contributing resources were built between 1900 and 1930. This time period saw the creation of 33 domestic dwellings; roughly half of these properties include outbuildings such as meathouses, a gazebo, barns, a pump house, a well house, a windmill, chicken coops, sheds, and garages. Four additional properties built from 1910–1915 qualified as both domestic and commercial structures. In 1913, a town hall/jail was created, and a post office was erected in 1918. By 1920, the town depot was operational, and in 1930, both a warehouse and a gas station were built. Five additional commercial properties were created between 1900 and 1930. The eight additional domestic dwellings included in Remington’s Historic District were built from 1940 through 1966. These eight properties include two garages and one shed. In 1940, two more commercial properties were built, joined by another in 1950. 27

RESULTS OF FIELDWORK A total of 246 STPs was excavated across the project area (Appendix B, p. 48). As visible in the base map (see Appendix A, p. 47), some testing was done outside of the project boundaries due to thick ground cover and mowing issues. An abandoned farm complex is within the project boundaries. This consisted of three silos, a milk barn, a cow barn, animal pens, a work shed and a modern cement-capped well (Photo 3). Because of obvious disturbances, intact structures, and trash piles, no testing was done in this area. The average depth of STPs was 28.65 cm (11.28 inches) with a maximum depth of 60.96 cm (24 inches). The average depth of A-horizon soils was 18.95 cm (7.46 inches) with a maximum of 60.96 cm (24 inches). Although the soil profile varied across the project area, soils in most of the shovel tests displayed a light brown to brown silty clay loam (plow zone) upper A-horizon. On the top of the knolls within the project area, the Ahorizon was heavily deflated with subsoil exposed on the surface in some locations. Subsoil generally consisted of red clay. A total of 99 artifacts was recovered, of which 98 (99%) were historic and 1 (1%) was prehistoric (Appendix C, p. 70). The highest densities of artifacts were located in the western portion of the field. Two historic archaeological sites, four isolated finds, and eight metal detector hits were recorded (Figure 15, p. 29). These sites are discussed below. Photo 3: Overview of the Farm Complex, Looking East. 28

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