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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Site 44FQ0224 Figure 15:

Site 44FQ0224 Figure 15: Location of Two Recorded Archaeological Sites, Shown on the Remington 7.5 Minute USGS Topographic Map. 29 Site 44FQ0225

Site 44FQ0225 Site Description Site 44FQ0225 is a historic site dating to the third quarter of the nineteenth century. It is located in the open field in the central portion of the project area (Photo 4). This site measures approximately 45.72 meters (150 feet) east-west by 53.34 meters (175 feet) north-south and comprises approximately 0.24 hectares (0.60 acres). The site is bound by negative shovel tests on the north, south, east and west (Figure 16, p. 31). Site 44FQ0225 is situated on the secondary terrace of the Rappahannock River approximately 45.72 meters (150 feet) south of the northern boundary of the project area. The field in which the site is located is partially bisected north-south by a tree line. The stratigraphy of Site 44FQ0225 is generally consistent and relatively moderately-deep to deep (Figure 17, p. 32). Most of the shovel tests were excavated to approximately 0.33 meters (1.1 feet). STPs excavated in this area showed an A-horizon (plow-zone) of light brown to brown silty clay loam extending approximately 27.94 to 45.72 cm (11 to 18 inches). In this layer archaeologists encountered all of the artifacts. A B-horizon of red clay or silt clay was encountered below the A-horizon. No artifacts were recovered within this layer. Photo 4: General View of Site 44FQ0225, Facing North. 30

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