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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

STP Radial Level Depth

STP Radial Level Depth Artifact Notes Count T54 1 0-14 Nail Machine Cut With Machine Cut Head 1 T55 10' West 1 0-3 Cast Iron Kettle Rim Fragment 1 V46 1 0-14 Insular Fragment Porcelain 1 V47 25' North 1 0-11 Copper Plated Finial For A Furniture Piece 1 V49 1 0-13 Lime Soda Container Glass 2 W46 6' S/Southeast 1 0-5 Bullet Whole Yankee 58 Caliber 1 W46 12' South 1 0-9 Square Nut 1" Diameter 1 W47 1 0-15 Nail Machine Cut Fragment 1 W47 1 0-15 Lime Soda Container Glass 2 W49 1 0-9 Clear Container Glass 2 W49 1 0-9 Nail Machine Cut 1 W49 25' East 1 0-4 Nail Machine Cut 1 Y45 1 0-7 Spike Hand Wrought 1 Y45 25' East 1 0-5.5 Cast Iron Rusted 1 Y45 25' East 1 0-5.5 Bone Fragment 1 Y45 25' East 1 0-5.5 Lime Soda Container Glass 1 Z44 1 0-7 Spike Hand Wrought 1 Z44 1 0-7 Amber Bottle Glass Fragment 1 Z44 25' East 1 0-7.5 Clear Glass Fragment 1 Z53 1 0-5 Bullet Smashed 1 71

APPENDIX D: DATA SHARING SYSTEM FORMS ARCHAEOLOGICAL REPORT City/County: Fauquier VDHR Site Number: 44FQ0224 Other VDHR Number: Site Name: Temporary Designation: 44FQ9998 CULTURAL/TEMPORAL AFFILIATION Cultural Designation Temporal Designation Euro-American 19th Century: 3rd quarter Site Class: Terrestrial, open air THEMATIC CONTEXTS/SITE FUNCTIONS Sequence Number: 1 Category for thematic context: Military/Defense Example: Battlefield Comments/Remarks: Site 44FQ0224 is a historic site dating to the third quarter of the nineteenth century and may represent the archaeological remains of a temporary structure associated with the Civil War occupation during the Battle of Rappahannock Station. The amount of artifacts recovered from what appears to be a domestic context suggests a structure with a very brief occupation. The limited quantity of domestic debris (13%) and the high concentration of bricks and nails (70%) with the absence of window glass support this theory. In addition, two furniture-related artifacts, a copper-plated furniture finial fragment and an eschucion plate, were recovered during the survey. These artifacts could be from a desk or a high boy. It is likely that this structure was a temporary dwelling for a person who required shelter, such as a field doctor or possibly an officer, during the Battle of Rappahannock Station. Archival research showed that temporary buildings used by officers and upper-level staff were constructed this way during the battle, including brick chimneys and included larger furniture on the interior. The shelters of the enlisted men, however, usually did not exhibit such a level of refinement. Specialized Contexts: USGS Quadrangle(s): REMINGTON Loran: Restrict UTM Data? Center UTM (for less than 10 acres): 18/4268573/254557 Boundary UTMs (for 10 acres or more): 72

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