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Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

Rappahannock Landing Archaeological Survey ... - Fauquier County

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Id # Associated with Event: CRM Event Notes or Comments: The Phase I survey was completed at the request of the Fauquier County Department of Parks and Recreation. This area will be developed by a private individual within the next year, and the survey was part of the agreement between the county and the individual on the sale of the land. PHOTOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTATION AND DEPOSITORY Sequence Number: 1 Photographic Documentation? Yes Depository: Dovetail CRG Type of Photos: Digital REPORTS, DEPOSITORY AND REFERENCES Sequence #: 1 Report (s) ? Yes Depository: Dovetail Cultural Resource Group Reference for reports and publications: Schamel, Kerry E. and Kristen Bloss. 2006. "Phase I Archaeological Survey of the 23 Acre Rappahannock Landing Project Area, Fauquier County, Virginia". Dovetail Job #06-008. Dovetail Cultural Resource Group, Fredericksburg, Virginia. VDHR Library Reference Number: 75

ARCHAEOLOGICAL REPORT City/County: Fauquier VDHR Site Number: 44FQ0225 Other VDHR Number: Site Name: Temporary Designation: 44FQ9999 CULTURAL/TEMPORAL AFFILIATION Cultural Designation Temporal Designation Euro-American 19th Century: 3rd quarter Site Class: Terrestrial, open air THEMATIC CONTEXTS/SITE FUNCTIONS Sequence Number: 1 Category for thematic context: Military/Defense Example: Battlefield Comments/Remarks: 44FQ0225 dates to the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Although architectural materials were recovered during the survey, the collection only comprises three machine cut nails. The assemblage also includes a small amount of domestic debris (green wine bottle glass, clear vessel glass, an iron kettle fragment). Together, this information suggests a short-term historic occupation. When combined with the recovery of a pistol bullet and the known history of the area, it is likely that the site is associated with the Battle of Rappahannock Landing. However, no features or specific artifact types were found during the survey to confirm the exact use of the site during the battle. Specialized Contexts: USGS Quadrangle(s): REMINGTON Loran: Restrict UTM Data? Center UTM (for less than 10 acres): 18/4268659/254791 Boundary UTMs (for 10 acres or more): Physiographic Province: Piedmont Drainage: Rappahannock River Landform: knoll Aspect: Facing east Elevation: 290.00 Slope: 0-2% Site Soils: Penn silt loam and Starr silt loam Adjacent Soils: Croton silt loam Nearest Water Source: Rappahannock River Distance:1,138 INDIVIDUAL/ORGANIZATION/AGENCY INFORMATION Individual Category Codes: Honorif: 76

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