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The corporate address

The corporate address and state of incorporation must be shown below the signature. 8.3.3 Bids by partnerships must be executed in the partnership name and signed by a partner or other authorized person, whose title must appear under the signature and the official address of the partnership must be shown below the signature. 8.3.4 All names must be typed or printed below the signature. 8.3.5 The Bid shall contain an acknowledgment of receipt of all Addenda (the numbers of which must be filled in on the Bid Form). 8.3.6 It is the responsibility of the Bidder to assure that his bid is delivered to the place designed for receipt of bids and prior to the time set for receipt of bids. No bids received after the time designated for receipt of bids will be considered 8.3.7 The Owner is not responsible for delays in the delivery of mail by the U.S. Postal Service or private couriers. It is the sole responsibility of the Bidder to ensure that its proposal reaches the issuing office by the designated date and hour. 8.3.8 The Owner may consider informal any bid not complete or prepared and submitted in accordance with the provisions hereof, and may waive any informalities in, or reject any or all bids. 8.3.9 Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the scheduled time for opening of bid or any authorized postponement. Any bid received after the time, date and location specified will not be considered. 8.3.10 It is the Bidder’s sole responsibility to see that his bid is received at the proper time. Any bid received after the scheduled bid opening time will be returned to Bidder unopened. 8.4 Withdrawal of Bid Due to Error: 8.4.1 A Bidder for a public construction contract may withdraw his bid from consideration if the price bid was substantially lower than the other bids due solely to a mistake therein, provided the bid was submitted in good faith, and the mistake was a clerical mistake as opposed to a judgment mistake, and was actually due to an unintentional arithmetic error or an unintentional omission of a quantity or work, labor or material made directly in the compilation of a bid, which unintentional arithmetic error or unintentional omission can be clearly shown by objective evidence drawn from inspection of original work papers, documents and materials used in the preparation of the bid sought to be withdrawn. In accordance with Section 2.2-4330A (i) of the Code of Virginia, the Bidder shall give notice in writing of his claim of right to withdraw his bid within two business days after the conclusion of the bid opening procedure and shall submit original work papers with such notice. Such mistake shall be proved only from the original work papers, documents and materials delivered as required herein. 8.4.2 No bid may be withdrawn under this section when the result would be the awarding of the contract on another bid of the same Bidder or of another bidder in which the ownership of the withdrawing bidder is more than five percent (5%). 8.4.3 If a bid is withdrawn under the authority of this section, the lowest remaining bid shall be deemed to be the low bid. 8.4.4 No Bidder who is permitted to withdraw a bid shall, for compensation, supply any material or labor to or perform any subcontract or other work agreement for the person or firm to whom the contract is awarded or otherwise benefit, directly or indirectly, from the IFB#104-13sm Heat Pump/AC Unit Replacement, Taylor Middle School 6

performance of the project for which the withdrawn bid was submitted. 8.4.5 If the Purchasing Agent denies the withdrawal of a bid under the provisions of this section, he shall notify the bidder in writing stating the reasons for his decision and award the contract to such bidder at the bid price, provided such bidder is responsible and responsive bidder. 9.0 Please Note: State Corporation Commission (SCC) registration requirements effective July 1, 2010. All bids shall include the identification number issued by the State Corporation Commission as proof of registration or justification for non-registration per the requirements in GC 2.04 (8) of the General Terms and Conditions for Construction Contracts. Use the form provided, to provide your State Corporation Commission Identification Number or justification for non-registration. The SCC may be reached at (804) 371-9733 or at Failure to include this form with your bid submission may result in rejection of your bid. IFB#104-13sm Heat Pump/AC Unit Replacement, Taylor Middle School 7

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