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Preliminary Engineering Report - Fauquier County

Preliminary Engineering Report - Fauquier County

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Even with a UV-disinfection system a small amount of chlorine should be added to the treated effluent to reduce the potential for algae build-up in the reuse storage tanks and piping system. This could be a small dry-tablet dosing system as used for smaller drinking water systems. Treated effluent will be stored in two 40,000 gallon ground-level steel tanks. A duplex packaged pumping station will draw from the tanks to deliver flow to either the irrigation system or the dust control trucks. The pumping station will have provisions for water recirculation in the tanks. An in-ground earthen-lined storage basin will be installed with a holding capacity of up to 1.5 million gallons for final treated leachate effluent. This will provide capacity to store effluent for a longer duration if seasonal weather conditions preclude onsite water reuse for an extended period, without the need to haul and dispose leachate offsite. A portion of this basin may be divided and dedicated for raw leachate storage with an impervious geo-textile liner. Another option is to retain the current Pond #2 (after relocation of the aeration/treatment system to Pond #1) and use as additional storage for raw leachate until the time when the pond will be removed to make way for future landfill cell/expansion. The post-treatment facilities will be housed in new pre-engineered Treatment Building adjacent to the pretreatment Pond #1 and the post-treatment basin. A preliminary plan of the building is shown on Figure M-1. Basic laboratory facilities will also be provided in a separate room. Figure P-1 shows the preliminary process flow diagram for the proposed leachate management and treatment system. The current pretreatment system will be relocated to Pond #1 and supplemented by a new (post-equalization) storage basin. Pretreated leachate (blended with a small sanitary flow) will be pumped to the new post-treatment system which will consist of an influent screening step followed by a staged bio-reactor for denitrification and removal of remaining ammonia and organics (“anoxic” – “oxic” – “anoxic”). The “oxic” zone will be aerated while the “anoxic” zones will be mixed (no aeration). External carbon (methanol) will be added to the “anoxic” zones. The bio-reactor effluent will pass through the UF-membrane followed by UV-disinfection and flow metering (and flow totalization). A minimal dose of chlorine will be provided in the final effluent before effluent sampling and monitoring. A small amount of reject/waste solids from the bio-reactor system will be returned to the landfill. VIII. PLANNING LEVEL FACILITY COSTS (Phase I) Table 10 summarizes the estimated planning level costs for the proposed facilities for Phase I with a total estimate of $1,700,000. N:\18469-000\Engineering\Reports\April 2012 PER\18469 PER Treatment System 7-31-2012_AM.docx Page 15

TABLE 10 Estimated Planning Level Facility Costs Post-Treatment System (MBR Equipment + Building) $600,000 Relocation/Installation Leachate/Sewage Lines $50,000 Pond #1 Pump Station Upgrade $5,000 Existing Pond 1 Upgrade (Increased Depth) $100,000 Existing Pond 1 Upgrade (Aeration System/Modifications) $125,000 Existing Pond 1 Upgrade (New Recirculation Pump Station) $10,000 New Post-Treatment Equalization/Storage Basin $100,000 Reuse Storage Tanks (2) $100,000 Irrigation / Truckfill Pump Station $15,000 Irrigation System $5,000 Cell II Recirculation Drip System $40,000 Site Electrical Upgrade* $100,000 Remote Restrooms (3) $45,000 N:\18469-000\Engineering\Reports\April 2012 PER\18469 PER Treatment System 7-31-2012_AM.docx Sub-total $1,295,000 Engineering / Permitting / Fees / Construction Administration $405,000 * Dominion Power Service Heavy-Up Total Planning Level Estimate $1,700,000 Page 16

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