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Preliminary Engineering Report - Fauquier County

Preliminary Engineering Report - Fauquier County

account for the reduced

account for the reduced winter performance, the landfill will increase the volume of pretreated leachate hauled offsite each day in the late fall for an extended period of 3-4 weeks. This allows for increased equalization storage capacity during the winter months with minimal need for hauling leachate during the cold months and also increases the pond detention time to improve the biological treatment process. There is also a small onsite ion-exchange system for ammonia removal that can be activated during cold periods, or any other time, if needed. III. VIRGINIA WATER REUSE STANDARDS The objective of this project is to use all of the treated leachate for onsite application. The Virginia DEQ has established quality standards in the VA Water Reclamation and Reuse Regulations 9 VAC 25-740-10. The regulations stipulate two quality standards: Level 1 standards are intended for reuse water that may have public contact; Level 2 standards are less stringent, but are not intended for public contact. Table 3 summarizes the quality standards for each level as they relate to municipal wastewater reuse. For industrial wastewater reuse, or in the case of landfill leachate reuse, DEQ are likely to require additional treatment parameters, on a case by case basis. TABLE 3 Minimum Standards for Treatment of Level 1 and Level 2 Reclaimed Water Standard Level 1 Level 2 Treatment level Secondary treatment w/filtration Secondary treatment and standard and higher-level disinfection disinfection Bacterial 1 : Fecal coliform, or < 14 MPN/100 ml (monthly geometric mean) CAT > 49 MPN/100 ml E. coli, or < 11 MPN/100 ml (monthly geometric mean) CAT > 35 MPN/100 ml Enterococci < 11 MPN/100 ml (monthly Total Residual Chlorine (TRC) geometric mean) CAT > 24 MPN/100 ml 2 CAT < 1.0 mg/L after minimum contact time (CT) of: - 30 minutes at average flow - 20 minutes at peak flow N:\18469-000\Engineering\Reports\April 2012 PER\18469 PER Treatment System 7-31-2012_AM.docx < 200 MPN/100 ml (monthly geometric mean) CAT > 800 MPN/100 ml < 126 MPN/100 ml (monthly geometric mean) CAT > 235 MPN/100 ml < 35 MPN/100 ml (monthly geometric mean) CAT > 104 MPN/100 ml CAT < 1.0 mg/L after minimum contact time (CT) of: - 30 minutes at average flow - 20 minutes at peak flow pH 6.0 – 9.0 standard units 6.0 – 9.0 standard units 5-day Biochemical Oxygen < 10 mg/L (monthly average) < 30 mg/L (monthly average) Demand (BOD5) < 45 mg/L (weekly average) 5-day carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (cBOD5) 3 < 8 mg/L (monthly average) < 25 mg/L (monthly average) < 40 mg/L (weekly average) Turbidity / TSS Turbidity < 2 NTU (24-hr average) TSS < 30 mg/L (monthly average) 1 After disinfection CAT > 5 NTU TSS < 45 mg/L (monthly average) 2 Applies only if chlorine is used for disinfection 3 Applies only if cBOD5 is used in lieu of BOD5 4 CAT = Corrective Action Threshold Page 7

Based on preliminary discussions with DEQ staff, it is anticipated that limits for nitrate and/or total nitrogen levels, and possibly phosphorus, may be imposed as additional parameters for both Levels. Given the current pretreatment performance for total nitrogen, an additional post-treatment stage would be required to meet the reuse requirements. The type of uses for each quality level of reclaimed water is summarized in Table 4. TABLE 4 Description of Level 1 and Level 2 Reclaimed Water Uses Level 1 Reclaimed Water Level 2 Reclaimed Water Landscape irrigation in public places Irrigation for food crops commercially processed Firefighting and fire suppression systems Irrigation for non-food crops, turf, fodder, fiber, seed crops, nurseries and silviculture Residential irrigation and public landscape Landscape impoundments without public access impoundments Commercial car washes Soil compaction, dust control, aggregate washing, concrete production Commercial air conditioning Livestock watering and aquaculture Irrigation for non-commercially processed crops eaten raw Street washing Commercial and noncommercial car washes Stack scrubbing, recirculating cooling towers IV. PLANNED WATER REUSE ACTIVITIES The landfill facility is planning the following activities for near term (Phase I) uses of reclaimed water: 1. Roadway Dust Control One of the primary uses for the reuse product will be for the treatment of airborne dust. The landfill has several processes that currently generate dust. The roadways around the landfill cells and a majority of the remaining roadways at the landfill facility have an unpaved gravel surface. The square footage for roadways and reuse volumes has been calculated using an average road width of 12 feet. A water application rate of 0.05 gallons per ft 2 was used to calculate the application rates as summarized in Table 5. TABLE 5 Anticipated Application Rates for Dust Control on Unpaved Landfill Roads Unpaved Length (LF) Area (SF) Approximate Water Daily Volume Road Volume Required per Required Segment Run (gallons) (gallons) 1 “A” 5,840 70,080 3,500 10,500 “B” 1,437 17,244 860 2,580 “C” 486 5,832 290 870 Total Daily Volume 14,000 1 Daily volume based on 3 passes per/day N:\18469-000\Engineering\Reports\April 2012 PER\18469 PER Treatment System 7-31-2012_AM.docx Page 8

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