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A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

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located adjacent to the service districts, if locations within the districts are not feasible. This will enable residents to travel to these regional parks along planned trails as opposed to by automobile only. Ideally, schools should be sited within designated service districts near residential areas and close to the center of the districts. It is critical to the viability and sustainability of the County’s service districts to locate as many public facilities as possible within the core of the districts. Overall Policies and Principles: Recognize that the placement of County buildings and employees in walkable communities contributes to the overall economic health of the County. Provide a pedestrian “movement network” through sidewalks, bike paths and trails serving as linkages within and between commercial properties, community facilities and nearby residential areas. Lead by example by using green building design and low impact development for new public facilities. New facilities should be designed and developed for good environmental stewardship and have a high degree of energy efficiency. Provide adequate levels of services for the future in new facilities as they are planned and constructed. III. County Facilities Overview A. Existing Facilities Existing county facilities are listed in Table 1 and are divided into the following categories: office space, courts/detention, library space, armory, public safety, airport, parks and recreation space, museum/historic space, and storage space. School facilities are listed separately in the schools section of this facilities document. Office space in downtown Warrenton owned by the County is detailed in Table 2. Office Space The County currently utilizes approximately 180,000 square feet of office space in 15 distinct locations. Of this total, about 140,000 square feet (in 11 locations) is in buildings owned by the County. A Plan for Public Facilities December 2009 Page 2

TABLE 1: Existing County Facilities (2009) Note: On larger buildings, total building square footage may be greater than the sum of the various departments due to unallocated common areas Building Department(s) Residing Own/Lease Sq. Ft. Building Sq. Ft. Total Sq. Ft. Office Space 179,720 70 Culpeper Street* Own 3,700 Adult Court Services 3,700 62 Culpeper Street* Own 2,400 GIS 2,400 6436 College Street Own 6,477 Environmental Services 6,477 Alice Jane Child Building 320 Hospital Drive New Courthouse 29 Ashby Street RRCSB Building 340 Hospital Drive Own 39,691 School Board Office 9,000 Finance 4,515 Human Resources 1,070 Budget Office 942 Environmental Health 1,800 Social Services 8,666 Information Technology 3,630 Parks & Recreation 1,870 Own 35,762 Commonwealth Attorney 3,654 Circuit Court Judges' Office 2,400 Community Development 6,594 Commissioner of the Revenue 2,573 Treasurer's Office 3,088 Clerk's Office 2,538 Records Room 1,756 Own 3,800 Mental Health 3,800 Public Health Building 330 Hospital Drive Own 8,224 Public Health 8,224 78 West Lee Street Own 18,662 Sheriff Administration 6,498 Civil Process 864 CID 4,499 Office of Emergency Services 651 Warrenton-Fauquier Joint Dispatch 2,886 Warren Green Building 10 Hotel Street Trailers 78 West Lee Street Trailers 24 Pelham Street Own 13,523 Commissioner of the Revenue 3,885 County Administration 2,760 Board of Supervisors 1,566 County Attorney's Office 1,037 Community Development 2,415 Own 1,728 Magistrate Office 864 Evidence Storage 864 Own 6,048 Extension Office 6,048 Page 3

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