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A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

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In the second case, the library’s current site could be converted to a Historic Resources Library to house cultural documents, as well as provide for ample meeting room space and additional library staff or government office space. If the latter of the two proposals moves forward, it is the intent of the Library Board and County to retain the Winchester Street library site and building for public library use long into the future, keeping it a hub of activity near Main Street for years to come. This is in part due to the agreement the County holds with the Town of Warrenton, the entity that owns the Winchester Street library building. 1 Details on the Chestnut/Waterloo Streets location are still being worked out, but with the Town zoning and historic district regulations, the Committee is confident that this site is suitable and promising for a Central Library. Initial analysis shows that while a single-story building would just fit on the site with parking on the Pelham Street side, a 2 – 2 ½ story structure is more desirable to provide flexibility in site design and compatibility with the existing neighborhood. The benefits of this site are threefold: (1) the County owns the parcels, (2) they are within walking distance to Main street businesses and offices, and (3) there are efficiencies with the concentration of government buildings in downtown Warrenton. The new, central library would be oriented toward Waterloo Street, with well-screened, structured parking at the side or rear of the building. Additional land in that block would be used for public open space, such as a landscaped courtyard. Marshall The Marshall Library is designated a Neighborhood Library in size and service delivery. The building is shared with the Marshall Community Center, providing space for community meetings and making it a destination for residents. There are structural and maintenance issues with the buildings that need to be corrected, but this library should serve Marshall well for some time. It is anticipated that as development grows in Marshall, after an adequate supply of public water is made available to the community, new residential developments will add more demand on library services. With the build-out in this area, a larger Community Library will likely be necessary. The location of this library will need to be in keeping with the town-style of Marshall; therefore either reusing the existing site or obtaining a site in the central corridor of East or West Main Street is appropriate. Bealeton The Bealeton facility is a Community Library that is centrally located in the community and serves the southern region of Fauquier County, including Remington. It is relatively new and serves the community well at the present time. The building was designed to expand by roughly 50% as needs increase. The Library Board does not envision expanding the facility at this time. 1 The Town of Warrenton agreed in 1979 to grant and lease to the County as a public library. The grant would remain perpetual as long as the premises are used as a public library. If that use ceases, then the Town and County would work to agree upon its use as a government facility. If an agreement cannot be reached, the grant would terminate, and the property with all its fixtures would revert to the Town. A Plan for Public Facilities December 2009 Page 12

Fauquier County Library Locations Map 1 Linden 726 I-66 Rt. 55 Hume 735 647 645 Markham Rt. 635 Orlean Paris Rt. 17 Existing Library 688 Proposed Library 724 724 729 724 732 732 737 731 681 710 724 712 732 Rt. 647 721 I-66 738 712 678 713 Marshall 721 691 710 Upperville 691 691 I-66 Rt. 211 688 802 651 719 691 681 791 623 Rt. 50 Rectortown 710 678 622 Warrenton 687 624 628 660 681 802 658 651 713 MARSHALL New Baltimore Library Construction planned for FY 2012-2013 Existing Warrenton Branch to become Historic Resources Library Existing Warrenton Main Branch will relocate to Chestnut Street 709 661 Rt. 17 684 Rt. 15/29 Rt. 15/29 245 744 709 702 Rt. 55 698 Opal Rt. 17 Bealeton 786 661 656 Remington 651 605 704 672 709 616 651 655 628 674 626 The Plains 694 WARRENTON WARRENTON 674 668 Rt. 15/29 Rt. 643 663 626 653 601 Rt. 605 670 674 649 651 628 I-66 Rt. 55 New Baltimore 616 BEALETON 628 637 602 600 628 686 Rt. 28 Rt. 17 632 676 602 Midland 648 644 602 651 629 616 646 637 602 615 629 NEW BALTIMORE 669 667 633 610 806 603 603 Rt. 17 603 667 Catlett Calverton 607 806 634 637 Morrisville Scale 1inch = 4.5miles Date: 03/11/2010 Page 13 806 604 616 610 607 Rt. 28 806 616 611 639 612

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