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A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

Service Area The service

Service Area The service area is County-wide. Site Location and Suitability Standards The Stafford Property, located off of Meetze Road near Warrenton, was acquired to provide the landfill with necessary soil to close out landfill cells and to continue operations at the Corral Farms site. The topography of the Stafford Property will allow for the removal of soil, while accommodating other governmental operations. It is recommended that this site be used for the General Services Complex and school bus storage and fueling stations. Priority Needs With the need for additional functional space, consider the relocation of the General Services Complex from its current location in Warrenton to the Stafford Property. The natural features of this site call for low impact development techniques. Landscaping will be required to ensure that this industrial use will be compatible with its rural location. In addition, a fueling station for buses at Vint Hill should be pursued immediately. This location will service the New Baltimore area and beyond. Buses and County fleet vehicles will still need to be serviced at the Stafford Property. General Services and Parks and Recreation facilities for maintenance, including fleet maintenance and school bus storage, can be located at a centralized, non-community environment, away from other office functions that provide direct service to the general public. The Stafford Property has been targeted as a good centralized location for this facility provided environmental concerns with the floodplain, steep slopes and wetlands can be adequately overcome. With its proximity to the landfill, this property has also been targeted as a source for soil for landfill cover. General government office storage will be located here as well, but this Plan strongly recommends that the County develop an E-government initiative to accept and archive digitized documents from this point forward in order to reduce the amount of required physical storage space of government files. An overall master plan for the Stafford Property is needed. A Plan for Public Facilities December 2009 Page 32

VII. Major Government Facilities in Downtown Warrenton This section builds upon the office space and facilities discussion in the previous section. Focusing on the provision of office facilities in downtown Warrenton, alternatives are explored utilizing existing County-owned buildings and where new construction is presented, using County-owned properties for this construction. The alternatives presented are by no means totally inclusive of all the potential options available, but reflect the Facilities Planning Committee’s view of the key alternatives. This approach furthers the overall policy goal for the retention of general government functions in a downtown Warrenton location. Figure 1.1 shows the location of existing government-owned properties and buildings in downtown Warrenton (with the exception of #12 showing the location of the leased space for Economic Development and Agricultural Development). These properties are included in the discussion of alternatives within this document. Figure 1.2 shows the location of existing government properties and buildings in the Shirley Avenue area in proximity to downtown Warrenton. Properties #1 and #3 are owned by Fauquier County and Property #4 is owned by the Fauquier County School Board, as part of the Warrenton Middle School property. These properties are discussed in the alternatives below. Town and Emergency Services facilities are shown for relationship purposes. A Plan for Public Facilities December 2009 Page 33

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