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A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

Alternative 2:

Alternative 2: Public Safety Facility with Scattered Office _______________________ 40 Alternative 3: Full Government Center ______________________________________ 43 Alternative 4: General Office Center and Separate Public Safety Facility ____________ 46 VIII. Fire and Emergency Services ________________________________________ 49 Map 6: Fire & Emergency Services (Response Areas, Existing & Proposed Facilities) 51 IX. Solid Waste Management ____________________________________________ 52 Map 7: Landfill and Convenience Sites _____________________________________ 54 X. Schools ____________________________________________________________ 55 Table 8: School Enrollment and Capacity (2009) _____________________________ 55 Map 8: Public School Sites ______________________________________________ 57 XI. Utilities and Airport Infrastructure _____________________________________ 59 A. Water and Wastewater Utilities _____________________________________ 59 Table 9: Water Facility Capacity Levels _____________________________________ 60 Table 10: Wastewater Facility Capacity Levels ________________________________ 60 Table 11: Standard Assumptions for Water and Wastewater Usage ________________ 61 Table 12: Planned Wastewater Phases for Village Service Districts ________________ 63 B. Telecommunications ______________________________________________ 65 C. Warrenton-Fauquier Airport _______________________________________ 67 XII. Proffer Policy _____________________________________________________ 68 XIII. Conclusion ______________________________________________________ 69

Executive Summary This Plan for Public Facilities outlines the standards to maintain an adequate delivery of services and delineates the priority and future needs related to current and new facilities. An overarching principle in the evaluation of the location of facilities is rooted in the County’s rural land and service district approach to growth and development in the County. This approach calls for the development of service districts as sustainable communities, and the future location of new public facilities within those service districts is a key element. The document is divided into key functional areas and provides discussion of existing facilities, facility standards and level of service, service areas, site location and suitability standards, and priority needs. The key functional areas are: Library Services Parks and Recreation Governmental Office Space o Courts o Sheriff and Emergency Services o Administration and General Office o General Services Complex Fire and Emergency Services Solid Waste Management Schools Utilities and Airport Infrastructure The Facilities Planning Committee made certain assumptions about growth rates, government growth and upcoming, mandated space needs before making recommendations. It was assumed (1) the County would follow its current pattern of growth 1% and 2% annually; (2) the County would maintain an existing level of service for staffing of general government offices (full time equivalents for 2008 were used; (3) the Commonwealth will likely mandate a Family Court, with designated courtrooms and associated office space at a yet unknown time in the future; (4) Sheriff staff need to be located in proximity to the courts and Detention Center; and (5) General government growth will need to be located within downtown Warrenton to maintain interdepartment synergy and communication. Major Recommendations Two major recommendations emerge from this planning effort. The first is the development of an organizational/functional master plan for government office space, and the second is to create a comprehensive facilities maintenance assessment and plan and an asset replacement fund. A Plan for Public Facilities December, 2009 Page i

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