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A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

A Plan for Public Facilities: Sustaining the Rural ... - Fauquier County

Alternative 4: General

Alternative 4: General Office Center and Separate Public Safety Facility Construct public safety facility to house the Sheriff, Fire and Emergency Services and Joint Communications Center on the lower lot. Relocate Public Safety and Emergency Services staff to new facility. Rehabilitate the Sheriff’s Office building for use as transitional space. Utilize this space to temporarily ease other office space needs and/or eliminate leased space. Construct general government / schools office center on upper lots. Relocate personnel from AJC Building, School Administration, Community Development, GIS, Economic Development, etc. into new building. Renovate AJC Building for use by Social Services, Mental Health, Health Department, etc. OR Locate Social Services, Mental Health and Health Department within new complex AND Explore options for the disposition of the AJC Building. Example of Architectural Scale for Lee Street Upper Lots (Applies to all Downtown Warrenton Alternatives) This graphic is intended to convey a building scale, breakdown of building massing and features that relate to Warrenton architecture, as well as draw upon elements of other Fauquier government buildings. It is not intended to promote any particular architectural style. A Plan for Public Facilities December 2009 Page 46

Alternative4 Figure5.1:FauquierCountyGovernmentOffices DowntownWarrenton(2025) 1 Extension Office, John Marshall SWCD or Disposition 13 14 2 Joint Communications Public Safety Complex 14 3 Adult Detention Center 4 Central Government & Public School Offices, Structured Parking 12 14 14 9 5 Adult Court Services Office 10 11 6 Economic & Agriculture Development Offices 8 7 Circuit Courthouse & Judicial Offices 1 7 8 Warren Green Building 7 2 3 9 Old Courthouse 10 Juvenile Courthouse 4 6 11 Town of Warrenton 5 12 John Barton Payne (Library) 13 Historic Resources Library Offi Office Space, S Community C it Meeting Rooms byKristenSlawter PlanningOffice 11/24/09 14 Warrenton Central Library & Pocket Park Page 47 1:2,400 Governmentbuilding(2009) Governmentbuilding(2025)

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