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Floor Cleaning Equipment(NSS), Replacement ... - Fauquier County

Floor Cleaning Equipment(NSS), Replacement ... - Fauquier County


INSTRUCTIONS 1. Orders: All FCG&PS Using Departments must order services listed by issuing FCG&PS Purchase Orders per FCG&PS Procurement Procedures Manual. An extra copy of the Procedures Manual can be obtained by calling Procurement at (540) 422-8351 or 8352. 2. The applicable contract number, vendor number, estimated total dollar amount (can be done as a “Not to exceed” estimated figure), contact person with phone number, and billing/delivery address must be shown on each purchase order for Finance & Contractor use. 3. Inspection on delivery and approval of contractor’s invoice is the responsibility of the receiving using department. 4. Any complaint as to quality of goods or services, faulty or delinquent delivery, or violation of contract provisions by contractor shall be reported to FCG&PS Procurement for handling with the Contractor. All complaints must be submitted in writing and can be forwarded to Procurement via fax or courier. 5. Pricing: See next couple pages #68-13bwc 3/13/2013 NSS Floor Cleaning Equipment, Parts & Service

Fauquier County Government & Public Schools IFB#68-13bwc NSS Floor Cleaning Equipment & Services CONTRACTOR Listing Line Description Item # Unit Price 1 Scrubber, Compact, 17” w/On-board charger, & batteries 2 Scrubber, Compact, 20” w/on-board charger, & 2-12V #115AH batteries 3 Burnisher, Battery, 27” w/ charger, & 6-6v #325AH Batteries 4 Burnisher, Cord Elect. 1500RPM, 20” w/wheel carriage 5 Floor Machine, High Spd, Elect.. 20” 200-310 RPM 1.5 HP Item #1301795 NSS Wrangler 1710A Item 1302091 NSS Wrangler 2010AB Item #6402732 NSS Charger 2717DB Item#5205234 NSS Charger 1500 Item #5401602 NSS Maverick 300 6 Floor Machine, Std, Electric 20” Item #5902012 175 RPM 1.0 HP NSS Mustang 175 7 Vacuum, Upright Elect, 1.5HP` Item #9600121 NSS 12UE 8 Extractor, Carpet 8 Gal., 100 psi Item #4800818 18” path NSS Stallion 8T8 9 Vacuum, Wet/Dry, Elec. Cord, 14.5 gal. Item #800814 27” squeegee Colt FMS NSS 1450P 10 Burnisher, Elec. Cord, 20” 2500RPM, Item #5202502 w/ built in pad driver NSS Charger 2500 11 Scrubber, Ride-On, 29” W/6-6v #225 Item #7602960 AH Batteries NSS Champ 2929 12 Scrubber, Automatic 20” W/ 2-12V Item #2302011 #145AH Batteries NSS Wrangler 2016AB $3,359.95 $3,543.19 $6,403.19 $1,714.09 $1,593.15 $994.64 $251.49 $1,595.62 $1,094.60 $2,020.75 $12,118.20 $3,797.66 #68-13bwc 3/13/2013 NSS Floor Cleaning Equipment, Parts & Service

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