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August 23, 2010 - Fauquier County

August 23, 2010 - Fauquier County

3. Briefing on EDA

3. Briefing on EDA Discussions with Developers: EDA Interim Executive Director Ike Broaddus briefed the liaison committee on the EDA’s current discussions with developers. Mr. Broaddus referred to the EDA’s “Liaison Committee Update” dated August 23, 2010, which was provided to the committee and which lists current development and business prospects. Of the nine prospects shown, Mr. Broaddus identified three as the most viable and imminent: a. “Green” insulation installer and distributor b. Wire coating manufacturer c. Current tenant waiting for RFP response from DOD for expansion into 13K square feet EDA Chairman Birge Watkins queried Board members as to their thoughts on the identified prospects. Supervisors Trumbo and Graham indicated that while the non-profit Sustainable Indoor Sports Complex is a good project, it would not make sense at Vint Hill. Supervisor Graham questioned whether a solar/wind farm would generate much return. Members also discussed the status of the wire coating manufacturer and Project Citizen. 4. RFP’s for Privatization or Marketing Services: EDA Chairman Birge Watkins briefed the committee on efforts to obtain marketing services. Chairman Watkins informed the liaison committee that the EDA is negotiating with a number of national marketing firms, some with BRAC property experience, such as Grubb & Ellis. 5. Plan Revisions for the Present Plan v. Full Revisions: a. What do we want Vint Hill to look like when it’s completed? Committee members discussed the need for a cooperative approach between the EDA Board and the Board of Supervisors in future planning efforts for Vint Hill. b. How does Vint Hill fit into the overall New Baltimore Service District Plan? Committee members discussed how Vint Hill fits into the overall New Baltimore Service District. Supervisor Trumbo emphasized that Vint Hill is an integral part of the Service District and will provide a commercial retail core through the planned Town Center. EDA Board member Bill Downey discussed his concerns that Vint Hill should have been considered as part of the Comprehensive Plan for New Baltimore when the New Baltimore Plan was last updated by the Board of Supervisors. c. How can external transportation challenges that limit Vint Hill’s commercial potential be resolved? Committee members discussed the need to make changes as the new plan comes forward in order to resolve these issues. d. What is a realistic expectation for full build-out at Vint Hill given different scenarios? EDA Chairman Watkins indicated that the expected build-out due to market conditions and given that the EDA is market drive would be somewhere between 20 and 30 years. Board member Ray Graham discussed his concern that Vint Hill missed a golden opportunity to sell land over the last ten years. Supervisor Trumbo asked Brookside 2

developer Ed Moore for their build-out projection. Mr. Moore indicated eight to ten years to complete the Brookside development but that number is also market driven. e. What kind of plan is most likely to attract the kind of private investment preferred? Committee members discussed the need to create a plan that would attract the type of commercial retail and industrial development that would form the core retail village town center concept for the New Baltimore Service District and that such a plan would need to be jointly put together by the EDA Board and the Board of Supervisors, necessitating close contact on this project. 6. Shared Services: EDA Interim Executive Director Ike Broaddus discussed seven areas that Vint Hill was hoping could be discussed for shared services with the County. County Administrator Paul McCulla indicated the County would be happy to look at all seven; however, he noted that the County does not have a Public Events Coordinator and does not maintain the same type of infrastructure as Vint Hill such as water, sewer, roads, sidewalks, parking lots. Committee members asked that Mr. Broaddus and Mr. McCulla discuss this matter in further detail. 7. Other: EDA Board member Bill Downey discussed the need for a cooperative approach that recognizes the process of the Vint Hill EDA site and noted he is pleased to work with the Board of Supervisors in order to see that the project is appropriately completed. 8. Next Meeting: Committee members agreed that the next meeting is to be October 20 at 1:30 p.m. as previously scheduled; however, Supervisors Trumbo and Graham indicated that if EDA members see the need to meet earlier, they are willing and available for a meeting. 9. Closed Meeting: EDA Board Member Chris Johnson moved to go into a closed meeting, pursuant to Section 2.2- 3711(A)(1) of the Code of Virginia, for the purpose of discussing the process for selecting prospective candidates for employment for the position of Executive Director of the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority. Following discussion and upon the motion being seconded, the vote was unanimous as follows: Ayes: Mr. Holder Trumbo; Mr. Ray Graham; Mr. Birge Watkins; Mr. Chris Johnson; Mr. Bill Downey Nays: None Absent During Vote: None Abstention: None Upon reconvening from the closed meeting, Mr. Johnson moved, without objection, to adopt the following certification: 3

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