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September 27, 2012 - Fauquier County

September 27, 2012 - Fauquier County


4. TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE AGENDA (Item #5) No comment. 1. ANNOUNCEMENTS None. 2. CITIZENS’ TIME None. Public Hearings 6:30 p.m. Warren Green Meeting Room, First Floor, 10 Hotel Street Warrenton, Virginia 3. ZONING ORDINANCE TEXT AMENDMENT – A Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Sections 3-307, 5-700, and 15-300 to allow a single-family dwelling unit as a Category 7, Adaptive Use. (Andrew Hushour, Staff) Mr. Hushour reviewed the staff report, a copy of which is attached to and made part of these official minutes. Ms. Garreau asked why the Commercial Village (CV) District was not included. Mr. Hushour replied that historically it has never been included. Ms. Garreau then asked if a commercial building could be retrofitted to residential. Mr. Hushour answered that there would be limitations. Mr. Alm opened the public hearing. Ms. Julie Bolthouse, Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), stated the Ordinance does help to encourage the preservation and reuse of historic structures; however PEC is concerned about abuse of the Ordinance and unintended consequences. With the limitation of only the age of the building determining the eligibility, the 50-year-old structure, regardless of its significance can be used to open rural districts to commercial businesses and additional residential that otherwise was not allowed. Further, there is the question of how a use is awarded for adaptive reuse that would be extinguished or continued if a structure was destroyed making it difficult for the County to decide to extinguish the use. Lastly, listing receptions as an allowable use is unnecessary as receptions are generally allowed in restaurants based on the definition in the County Code and could leave it open to potential ambiguity and for purposes not intended by the drafters. Ms. Bolthouse requested the Planning Commission postpone their recommendation until PEC’s concerns are considered. 6

In that there were no further speakers, Mr. Alm closed the public hearing. After discussion, on motion made by Mr. Lee and seconded by Ms. Garreau, it was moved to forward this item to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation of approval. The motion carried unanimously. 4. SPECIAL EXCEPTION AMENDMENTS – SEAM13-CR-001 & SEAM13-CR-002 – RFI WC, LC (OWNER/APPLICANT) – WARRENTON CHASE (Item #5) – An application to amend a previously approved Category 30 Special Exception to waive the public sewer requirement and a Category 20 Special Exception for a community sewer system on property described as Warrenton Chase and located at the intersection of Duhollow Road and Frytown Road, Cedar Run District. (Various PIN’s) (Holly Meade, Staff) Ms. Meade reviewed the staff report, a copy of which is attached to and made part of these official minutes. Mr. Alm opened the public hearing. Ms. Dawn Arruda, Cedar Run District, expressed her concerns for the maintenance of the alternative system and would like it to be monitored by a public entity. Ms. Arruda would also like the developers to meet with the community and explain how the system will work. Mr. Joseph Contrucci, representative, spoke in support of the application. In that there were no further speakers, Mr. Alm closed the public hearing. On motion made by Mr. Ennis and seconded by Mr. Meadows, it was moved to forward this item to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation of approval subject to the set of conditions drafted during the work session that allowed the system to be privately owned, with a caveat that would allow the system to be turned over to FCWSA or another public entity should that opportunity arise. Mr. Lee expressed support for the amendments, but stated he is not ready to vote. Mr. Alm commented that he would like time to understand the material provided. Mr. Meadows expressed concern about holding up this application when these amendments will save money for the residents using the system. Ms. Garreau encouraged Warrenton Chase to have an open house at the facility and explained that she would like time to ensure the language of the conditions are agreeable to all. 7

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