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Chapter 17 – Ordinance Regarding On-Site ... - Fauquier County

Chapter 17 – Ordinance Regarding On-Site ... - Fauquier County

Individual sewage

Individual sewage disposal system: A complete system for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage as located on an individual lot. Inspection: Surveillance procedures used by the Health Department or other certified individuals to determine compliance with provisions of this chapter. Installed, repaired, approved and standard: Such terms shall be construed to mean "in accordance with the specifications and standards as established within this chapter." Lot certification: Procedure whereby a suitable subsurface disposal area is recorded on the plat. Operation permit: A permit issued by the Health Department to authorize the operation of an onsite wastewater system. Percolation test: A field test procedure conducted in the soil horizon(s) selected for installation of the proposed subsurface soil absorption system for the purpose of observing the rate that clean water will permeate through soil under saturated conditions. Preliminary Plan: See Fauquier County Subdivision Ordinance, Section 9 Sanitary privy: A device for receiving non-water-carried human wastes over which may be placed a privy house containing seats. Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity: A measurement of the soil’s ability to transmit water under saturated conditions. It is the most common reference datum used to compare water movement in different soils, layers or materials. It is measured on site with a constant-head permeameter. Sewage: Water-carried and nonwater-carried excrement, kitchen, laundry, shower, bath and/or lavatory wastes, separately or together, as may be present from residences, buildings, vehicles, commercial or industrial establishments or other places. Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations: Refers to the current Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Health Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations. Sewage treatment system: The process of physical, biological and/or chemical reduction of waste and pathogenic organisms with subsequent discharge of the end product to a receiving soil or stream. (see Article II, Sec. 17-20 for additional definitions) Subdivision: Any division of a parcel into two or more lots for the intended purpose of creating building sites (see Fauquier County Subdivision Ordinance 2-39 for a complete definition). For purposes of this Chapter, subdivision also includes the exceptions to the definition of “Subdivision” contained in Section 2-39.3 of the Subdivision Ordinance. 2

Sewage disposal field: The portion of a sewage disposal system where the sewage effluent is applied to land at or beneath the surface, including any required buffer area. Sec. 17-4. Approved method of disposal of sewage required for all houses, public buildings, etc. It shall be unlawful for any person to use or occupy, rent or lease for use or occupancy or allow to be used or occupied, any house, warehouse, public or private building or other structure used for human habitation or other places where human beings congregate or are employed, unless or until such house, building, structure or area is supplied or equipped with an approved method of sewage disposal. The method of sewage disposal shall be approved by the Health Department and the construction shall comply with the requirements of this chapter and any other pertinent regulations or approvals. When using an onsite wastewater system, a valid operation permit is considered proof of approval. Sec. 17-5. Installation, replacement or repair of individual sewage disposal systems within three hundred feet of sanitary sewer. 1. The owner of any building or structure, for which sewage disposal is required, that is within the designated sewered portion of a service district shall connect such building or structure to approved public sewer, if the building or structure is within three hundred (300) feet of approved public sewer, and the public sewage system has the necessary capacity to permit the connections. A waiver may be granted jointly by Fauquier County Water and Sewer Authority (WSA) and the Department of Community Development where it can be demonstrated that the connection will cause undue hardship to the owner of the building or structure. 2. If a subdivision is designed to be served by a private central sewage system, all buildings or structures, for which sewage disposal is required, that are within the subdivision shall connect to the approved private central sewage system, provided that the owner of the private central sewage system allows the connection and the private central sewage system has the necessary capacity to permit the connections. 3. If any privy system or individual sewage disposal system within the sewered portion of a service district, is found by the Health Department to have become unsanitary or malfunctioning, it shall be unlawful for any person to replace or repair such system if a public sewer is within three hundred (300) feet of any building or structure which is served by that system. However, it shall not be unlawful to make emergency repairs to or clean out the malfunctioning or unsanitary system so it can continue to function while the connection to public or private sewer is completed. The connection to public or private sewer shall be made in the most expedient manner and the Health Department shall be notified of any repairs to or clean out of the malfunctioning or unsanitary system. In addition, if the property is adjacent to a force main sewer line, the individual sewage disposal system can be replaced, repaired or cleaned out as long as appropriate Health Department permits are obtained. 4. Buildings or structures located outside the sewered portion of a service district shall not connect to public sewer, unless such connection is the last feasible option of the 3

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