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Chapter 17 – Ordinance Regarding On-Site ... - Fauquier County

Chapter 17 – Ordinance Regarding On-Site ... - Fauquier County

I hereby certify that

I hereby certify that the location(s) of the sewage disposal field(s) as shown on sheet __ of the Final Plat complies with all applicable laws, regulations and policies implied by the Virginia Department of Health and Fauquier County. Furthermore, I certify that all required statements concerning said individual sewage disposal systems have been include on sheet ___ of the _____________________ Final Plat. ____________________________________________________________ Signature Date The Final Plat shall include a written statement from the Health Department stating that plans and specifications of the sewer system or sewage disposal systems, together with plans for the anticipated water system, meet the requirements of this section and intent of this chapter. 4. Voidance: Construction permits shall be null and void after twelve (12) months from date of issuance, unless renewed in writing, by the Health Director, with a limit of two renewals. Sec 17-7. Site and Design Criteria 1. General: A. In all cases, the soil and site evaluation shall determine if a Conventional system (as defined in Article II, section 17-20) can be designed to serve the proposed use. If so, the Conventional system shall be proposed. If a Conventional system cannot be designed for the site, a statement must accompany the soil evaluation, signed by the LCOSE or LAOSE/CPSS, that states the site restrictions that restrict the site to an Alternative system (as defined in Article II, section 17-20). B. For residential development, the soil absorption area shall be designed based on a dwelling with 2 or more bedrooms. C. For a conventional drainfield, the minimum area of subsurface drainfield trench bottom shall be 600 sq. ft. For alternative technologies, use relevant Virginia Department of Health regulations and guidance. D. Septic subsurface absorption fields with an estimated or measured percolation rate of greater than 120 minutes per inch are not allowed. 6

E. Minimum setback distances, supplemental to VDH regulations: Pretreatment units Subsurface Conveyance lines Absorption Header lines Field Horizontal: Stormwater management facilities 50 feet 50 feet Impounded waters* 50 feet 100 feet Top edge of banks and cuts 10 feet 20 feet Properly abandoned uncased wells** Septic system without secondary treatment 100 feet 100 feet Septic system with secondary treatment 50 feet 50 feet Properly abandoned cased well** Well downslope of septic system 50 feet 50 feet Well upslope of septic system 25 feet 25 feet * Includes stormwater management/best management practice wet ponds ** Abandonment procedures must be witnessed by Health Department staff member; these setbacks are compatible with Virginia Private Well Regulations (Chapter 360) F. The depth of installation of conventional drainfield percolation lines shall not exceed 60 inches from surface of the mineral soil, unless waste is pretreated to advanced secondary treatment levels (10 mg/L Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), 10 mg/L Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and 2000 cfu/100mL fecal coliform). G. Septic system absorption field shall be sited and installed on slopes less than 25 percent, unless this requirement is waived upon a joint determination by the Health Director and County Soil Scientist finds that the installation on slopes greater than 25 percent does not pose a significant health or environmental risk. H. Components of a septic system, including the absorption area, shall not be installed in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 100 year floodplain. I. The installation area and the reserve shall be clearly defined, reserved for said use and located entirely on the parcel or lot which they are to serve. Individual sewage disposal systems shall not be installed on adjoining parcels by easements; except to repair an existing system where there is a malfunction and such is the only available solution to correct the problem. 7

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