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Chapter 17 – Ordinance Regarding On-Site ... - Fauquier County

Chapter 17 – Ordinance Regarding On-Site ... - Fauquier County

J. It shall be unlawful

J. It shall be unlawful to subdivide, redivide or change an approved parcel in any manner which will reduce or alter the ownership of a drainfield area or those areas reserved for repair unless public sewer is available and connected to the existing dwellings. K. Reserve areas: 1) For lots with an onsite sewage disposal system, including residue parcels, proposed in a designated service district, a separate reserve area that meets all the requirements of this article and equals, or is equivalent to, 100 percent of the primary absorption area shall be provided. 2) For lots with an onsite sewage disposal system, including residue parcels, proposed outside of a designated service district, a separate reserve area that meets all the requirements of this article and equals, or is equivalent to, 200 percent of the primary absorption area shall be provided. L. All alternative individual septic systems using pumps must have the system designed with either all time dosing pumps or all duplex pumps. The pump system shall be designed with minimum storage capacity to contain a volume equal to the number of bedrooms times a daily usage of one hundred fifty (150) gallons per day per bedroom for a period of two (2) days (4 bedrooms x 150 gals/day/bedroom x 2 days = 1200 gals). 2. Individual Lots: For the purpose of this chapter, evaluation of proposed individual lots or parcels shall be based on the following: A. Recommendations of the Health Department as based on experience and as supported by field investigations and soil evaluation. B. Information submitted on behalf of an applicant by a LCOSE or LAOSE , who shall also be a CPSS, in consultation with a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Virginia. It shall be the responsibility of the Health Department to evaluate such information as submitted prior to approval. C. If percolation or saturated hydraulic conductivity tests are conducted on the property in the area of the proposed subsurface disposal field, the results shall be provided to the Health Department and the Fauquier County Soil Scientist’s Office or other responsible designee. Such test shall be made in accordance with all VDH regulations and policies. 3. Subdivision: The criteria for evaluation of subdivisions shall be the same as required for individual lots and in addition, the following criteria: A. Measurement of constant head saturated hydraulic conductivity may be required. The need for saturated hydraulic conductivity measurement shall be determined by the Health Department, in consultation with the Fauquier County Soil Scientist’s Office and the LCOSE or LAOSE/CPSS. If constant-head saturated hydraulic conductivity is required, three (3) measurements from a proposed 8

drainfield area in each major soil type and topographic feature shall be collected and the raw data shall be included in the permit application. B. Other tests may be required, based on the level 2 evaluation (as required in section 17-11), including geotechnical study, additional constant head saturated conductivity tests at different depths, water mounding modeling, nitrate modeling, etc, depending on site and design conditions. Sec 17-8 Construction Criteria 1. Sewer line construction: Sewer lines shall be 4 inches or greater in diameter. 2. Septic tank design: Septic tanks shall be constructed of concrete or fiberglass. Any septic tank receiving waste from a garbage disposal unit shall be increased in capacity at least 50 percent. Adequate access to each compartment, for inspection and sludge removal, shall be provided by risers extending to the finished ground surface. Risers shall be provided at both inlet and outlet ends of the septic tank. The inlet and outlet tees shall be so installed as to be located directly beneath the risers. Effluent filters are required for septic tanks that are a component of a conventional septic system. 3. Distribution box installation: The distribution box shall be stabilized by bonding to a poured-in-place concrete pad and shall be equipped with speed levelers. 4. Header lines: All header lines shall be constructed of pressure rated schedule 40 PVC pipe Sec. 17-9. Construction of individual sewage disposal or treatment facilities requiring discharge into state waters. A private individual sewage treatment system which discharges into an open ditch or water shall be allowed only to replace an existing sewage system which is presently serving an existing use. That existing sewage system must have failed and have been certified by the Virginia Department of Health to pose a real or potential health threat and a discharging system is the only alternative for the repair. The discharge system must comply with all applicable state regulations and receive all applicable state permits prior to installation and/or operation. In approving such a system, the Board may establish additional conditions, including but not limited to use, maintenance and testing. Sec. 17-10. Inspections. 1. Required inspections. The Health Director shall make such inspections as deemed necessary during construction of sewage treatment and disposal systems to determine compliance with the requirements of this chapter. 2. Prior to construction of an individual sewage disposal system, drainfield area(s), house site and well site shall be staked on the site for necessary inspections to assure compliance with the approved plans. Stakes shall be maintained until construction of house, individual sewage disposal system and water system are completed. 9

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