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May 16, 2012 - Fauquier County

May 16, 2012 - Fauquier County

Preliminary Draft NBSD

Preliminary Draft NBSD Plan 5-Year Action Plan for Secondary Roads ROAD CLASSIFICATION SECONDARY ROADS 1. Route 605: PRIORITY RANKING R-O-W EXISTING PROPOSED GENERAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION 50 feet 110 feet a. From Fincham and Linden Courts to Marigold Lane: Conduct a series of traffic counts to assess where turn lanes should be considered; Compile crash data for a cursory review of crash issues; and Complete safety improvements (e.g., turn lanes, pavement and shoulder width improvements, grading/line of sight improvements); b. Riley Road (Route 676) Intersection: Once the Brookside Parkway – Vint Hill Parkway from Rt. 676 is complete; request VDOT to complete a signal warrant study at the Rt. 676/Rt. 605 intersection. This flashing signal (yellow) may need to be converted to full signalization. 6

ROAD CLASSIFICATION 2. Rogues Road (Route 602) Improvements PRIORITY RANKING R-O-W EXISTING PROPOSED GENERAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION 50 feet 80 feet a. Complete a Safety Study for Rt. 602 from the Prince William County line to the intersection with Rt. 605. Within a 6-month period, the County study will include, for example: Analysis Section: Accident data assessment Current and historic average daily trip data Complete speed analyses General assessment of existing pavement width conditions and associated drainage swales, as well as public street intersections, turn lanes Identify poor line of sight conditions Recommendations Section Implementation Strategies Implement study’s Short Term Recommendations 7

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