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download here - Fauquier County

download here - Fauquier County

2.4.1 All power cables

2.4.1 All power cables tightened 2.4.2 All timers checked for: time delay on transfer to emergency, time delay on re-transfer to emergency, time delay on cool down, in-phase band meters and exerciser. 2.5 Engine: 2.5.1 Leaks for oil, water, fuel, oil pressure and water temperature 2.5.2 Exhaust System: leaks, back pressure, drains, cleanliness, odor & color 2.5.3 Fan and Fan Belt: bearings and blades 2.5.4 Governor: looseness, leaks, adjustments, hunting 2.5.5 Compression: all cylinders, hot and cold check per manufacturer’s recommendations 2.5.6 Valve clearance check per manufacturer’s recommendations 2.5.7 Heaters 2.6 Fuel System: 2.6.1 Cleanliness of system; pressure test for leaks; valve controls, return lines and vents, air cleaners and breathers, and hoses 2.6.2 Injectors and duel pumps: check according to manufacturer’s recommendations 2.7 Cooling System: 2.7.1 Water supply, water pump, check all hoses and clamps, support, drains, block plugs, radiator, leaks, rust and antifreeze 2.7.2 Coolant heater and controls 2.8 General Environment: 2.8.1 Air flow, room ventilation and temperature, condition and accessibility of floor drains, presence of fire extinguisher, condition of lights, and overall cleanliness and safety. The Contractor shall note if any of these conditions are lacking the requirements needed for maintaining the proper environment for full functionality of the emergency generator system, and shall note suggestions and comments regarding the general environment in their inspection report for the Owner’s review and action. 2.9 Preventative Maintenance: The Contractor shall check the appropriate manuals for any specific Preventative Maintenance requirements, as required by the amount of time of the elapsed time meter. The Contractor shall provide a written not-to-exceed estimate for Preventative Maintenance as outlined in Section 2.11, and shall submit this estimate to the Owner. 2.10 Inspection Reports: The Contractor shall note any deficiencies and corrective action to be taken regarding items 2.1 through 2.8 in their inspection report, which shall be provided quarterly with each inspection. The Contractor shall submit a copy of the inspection report to the Owner at the time of service, signed by the designated facility representative, and shall include a copy of each inspection report with the invoice submitted for the quarterly service. 2.11 Estimates for Repairs/Services: The Contractor shall perform repairs and or services, including preventative maintenance, required as a result of inspection services on a time and materials basis. The Contractor shall provide an hourly labor rate for other repairs to emergency generator equipment as indicated on the Bid Pricing Sheet, and a discount off list pricing for parts needed to repair generators and IFB# 91-08tm 4 Generator Inspection & Repair Services

associated equipment. The Contractor shall furnish the Contract Administrator a written description of the scope of work to be provided, ensuring mutual understanding and agreement of the scope of work to be performed between the Contractor and the Owner. The written scope of work shall specify each major step or phase of the work to be performed and include a written detailed not-to-exceed estimate of the costs to complete the project, including labor, materials and a forecast date of completion, expressed as either a definite date or the number of days after notification to proceed with the work. The Owner reserves the right to make or obtain other repair estimates prior to authorizing the Contractor to proceed. If the cost or man-hours estimate is considered not to be reasonable, the Contractor will be asked to review his estimate and resubmit. If the revised estimate is still considered to be unreasonable, the Owner reserves the right to obtain the repairs from another source. 2.12 Travel, Mileage, and Associated Expenses: The Contractor shall include any and all travel and mileage in their bid price for quarterly inspection, based on the locations listed on Table 1. The Owner will consider no additional expenses nor should any additional costs be listed on Contractor invoices for quarterly inspections, other than the accepted quarterly inspection contract rate and any authorized time & material repairs or preventative maintenance. Invoices with additional charges will be returned to the Contractor with a request for a corrected invoice. 2.13 Time of Performance: The Contract Administrator will set up a mutually agreeable quarterly inspection schedule with the Contractor upon award of this contract. The Contractor must respond to emergency service calls from the Warrenton-Fauquier Joint Communications Center (WFJCC) within two hours of receiving a phone call for service to that location, due to the response requirements for the 911 center. In addition, WFJCC shall be considered a priority in the Contractor’s response to all other services under this contract. The Contractor shall satisfy this emergency requirement seven days per week, 24 hours per day. If the Contract fails to respond to an emergency call within two hours, of the time of notification, the County has the right to call another vendor to make the emergency repair, and the Contractor will be liable to the County for costs in excess of the original Contract amount. 2.14 Contact Person: Bidders shall indicate, on the Pricing Schedule, a contact person’s name and telephone number for normal County working hours, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Answering machines are unacceptable as a point of contact. For emergency calls, outside normal County working hours, nights and weekends, the bidder shall list on the Pricing Schedule a contact person and telephone number or have a voice mail paging system or answering service. Bidder using a voice mail system or answering service, in lieu of a contact person, shall be required to initiate a call back to the sender within 15-25 minutes. 3.0 CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION The successful administration of this contract will require close coordination with the Contract Administrator. The Contract Administrator, in addition to the duties identified below, shall be responsible for coordinating contract start-up services at designated locations and providing the Contractor with facility contact information. IFB# 91-08tm 5 Generator Inspection & Repair Services

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