2010 Awards 2 - Fauquier County


2010 Awards 2 - Fauquier County

John Marshall SWCD’s 2010

Nomination for the

Rappahannock Watershed

Clean Water Farm Award

George R. Thompson

George R. Thompson

Owns and manages several farms within the Carter Run

Watershed near Marshall, VA

In FY 2009 the District and Mr. Thompson began discussing

possible conservation measures on Clover Hill, Waveland,

Wright, and Payne Farms.

These farms were prioritized due to their large undivided grazing

units and unrestricted cattle access to streams.

The District was particularly interested in these farms since

Carter Run was on DEQs impaired waters list due to high levels

of bacteria.

As a result of these discussions, Mr. Thompson initiated

conservation measures on Clover Hill in February of 2009

Approximately 1,600 acres located at the confluence of

Horner Run and Carter Run just south of Marshall

A mixture of beef cattle and cropland

370 acres of open land

1,230 acres of mixed hardwoods

Under conservation easement with The Nature





• Stream fencing

• Alternative water

• Stream crossing

• Rotational grazing

Rare freshwater mussels were found in Carter Run by wildlife

biologists as part of the Environmental Evaluation.

Mr. Thompson's interest in alternative energy inspired him to

utilize solar power to lift water from the well to two reservoirs.

Over O 5,100 ft of f pipe i and d th three Mi MiraFount F tttroughs h were iinstalled t ll d

downhill of the two reservoirs to provide an alternative water

source for the livestock.

This stream crossing over Horner Run was installed to facilitate

rotational grazing and provide limited stream access.

• 7,650 ft of stream

protection fence

• Protected 10,500

ft of stream bank

• Created 15 acres of

riparian buffer


Waveland Farm consists of about 1,600 acres located

between Horner Run and Carter Run south of Marshall.

The farm is a mixture of pasture and cropland with 840

acres open land and 760 acres of mixed hardwoods.

This practice addressed over 475 acres of pasture.

Made possible by combining funding from the CREP,

TMDL, and VACS programs due to its size and scope.

Proposed Conservation Practices for Waveland Farm

With a considerable need for water, the decision was made to drill a well near

the historic house at Waveland. Mr. Thompson is pictured here identifying the

location of an old slave cabin that needed to be avoided during construction .


• pumping plant

• 12,200 ft of 2-inch PVC pipe

• 13 frost-proof troughs

centrally located


• five culvert stream


• two ford stream


To T protect t twater t quality lit 29,300 ft of f stream t protection t ti ffence


installed along Horner Run and tributaries protecting over 28,000 ft of

stream bank.

As part of the CREP practice, 30 acres of hardwood trees were planted

along stream corridors. When combined with other fenced areas, a

total of 68 acres has been dedicated to riparian buffers.


Located south of Marshall on Carter Run Road

and straddles the main stem of Carter Run

Approximately 200 acres of land

80 acres of pasture

120 acres of mixed hardwood forest

Run as part of a larger beef operation


• 1,480 ft of


• two frostproof


6,070 fft of ff fence was installed i ll dprotecting i over 18,000 feet f of fstream bbank k

and creating over 40 acres of riparian buffer.

Wright Farm As-Built

Payne Farm

Located just south of Marshall on Carter Run Road and

borders the Wright Farm

Approximately 90 acres of land

60 acres in pasture

30 acres in mixed hardwood forests

Includes both beef cattle and a horse boarding facility

2,600 ft of pipeline and four frost-proof troughs were installed in each field to

facilitate rotational grazing for the livestock.

This culvert stream crossing was installed to facilitate the movement

of livestock and machinery through the fenced area.

7,600 7 600 ftoffencewas ft of fence was installed protecting over 11 11,000 000 ftof ft of stream bank

and 12 acres of riparian buffer.

Payne Farm As-Built

In September b 2010, Mr. M Thompson Th was one of f two farms f that h hhosted da BMP


highlighting local conservation efforts. Here he is demonstrating the

mechanics of the solar pumping plant he installed on Clover Hill.

More good things to come!

During the last two years, Mr. Thompson has protected over 70,000

feet of stream bank and over 135 acres of riparian buffer. His efforts in

conservation have proven he is a true conservation farmer.


would like to recognize

George R. Thompson

for his outstanding conservation

and land stewardship.

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