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TMODEL 2 Definition - Fauquier County

TMODEL 2 Definition - Fauquier County

penalty functions to the

penalty functions to the intersections, based on their operational descriptions. The benefits of this accrue, not only when travel times are more appropriately attributed to their causes, but also when the entire route is changed through addition of a lane or deletion of parking etc. These changes can then be applied through operational descriptions rather than guessed at, based on whatever method was used to derive "planning capacities" and "planning speeds." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAND USE - TRIP GENERATION This is the process of taking known land-use data such as dwelling units and employment, applying peak hour, directional and trip type factors to compute productions and attractions (or origins and destinations) by trip type. TMODEL supports two methods of accomplishing these tasks. The first incorporates the methodology of NCHRP 187 and automatically balances productions and attractions for the entire model area. The second method allows the user to define an unlimited number of land uses and trip generation rates. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISTRIBUTION AND ASSIGNMENT TMODEL runs in two different ways. For distribution and assignment, the preferred way, is an INTEGRATED distribution and assignment. This differs from most if not all other microcomputer models. Rather than distribute trips (create a trip table) all at once, based on a one-time look at all travel times through the network, TMODEL distributes incrementally as well as assigns incrementally. This means that as a destination becomes less accessible due to traffic congestion in its area, it becomes less desirable as a destination and alternative destinations are more likely to be chosen. While in most models congestion affects the assignment, we believe it should also affect trip distribution. If you wish, the model can be run in more typical fashion, doing the distribution phase first and then an incremental assignment. gravity model is the basis for the distribution of trips. However, the program provides a unique formulation of the gravity model. It can be used in the more recognized standard fashion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRAVITY MODEL The gravity model is the basis for the distribution of trips. However, the program provides a unique formulation of the gravity model.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CALIBRATION AIDS The task of calibration is simply the process of adjusting, with justification, the set of rules and data in the mathematical model to produce traffic volumes that sufficiently approximate known volumes for some specific instant of time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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