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Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Circulation: The future

Circulation: The future street network and street typologies within the Triangle are shown in the graphic below. (See the section within the Transportation Plan on Thoroughfare Types for additional information on street type and design characteristics). New roads created within the Triangle should be public roads, especially the boulevards. It is recognized that within commercial development there may be some issues, including a desire for enhanced maintenance and additional amenities that constrain fully implementing public, VDOT-maintained roads. Irrespective of public or private ownership, all roads delineated within the Triangle should be developed with the design principles outlined in this plan. Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 28

ENVIRONMENT, OPEN SPACE AND QUALITY OF LIFE The New Baltimore Service District contains a number of environmental features that are critical to the character and quality of life of the community. In addition, they provide for both passive and active recreational opportunities. Examples of natural features within the Service District include Lake Brittle, Lake Ann and South Run. Objectives Preserve and/or enhance the quality of life and environment for present and future generations through measures that protect natural and historic resources and conserve open space for the recreational needs of all residents. Protect and enhance all ecologically, environmentally and historically significant areas in New Baltimore. Ensure that all natural and historic resources are identified as a required first step in planning all land development and public improvements. Ensure the protection and conservation of surface and groundwater resources. Ensure the sound management of wetlands, floodplains, streams and water bodies. Improve the water quality of all impaired streams identified by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Manage water resources to achieve and maintain unimpaired quality and sustainable quantity. Ensure the sound management of solid waste, wastewater, stormwater, noise and lighting. Preserve New Baltimore’s cultural and scenic character through the conservation of archeological and historic sites and historic structures and their settings, as well as the adaptive re-use of historic structures, and the establishment of compatible land uses and site design. Establish identifiable and attractive focal points for the community of New Baltimore. Provide quality parks that are accessible, visible, safe and comfortable. Preserve the dark night sky. Provide a variety of recreational opportunities for all members of the community. Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 29

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