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Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Draft Plan - Fauquier County


PUBLIC FACILITIES Similar to other jurisdictions in Virginia, Fauquier County bases its capital facility and service improvement programs on existing and projected population figures. Growth projections, development potential, the availability of public utilities (i.e. sewer, water), as well as existing conditions, are used to determine population forecasts. Various County agencies, such as the Library Board and School Board, have developed specific service and facility guidelines based on per capita population figures. Applying these figures, service and facility needs can be determined, and then translated into land use requirements. Based on the population forecast for the New Baltimore Service District, this plan identifies locations needed for future schools, libraries, and fire and rescue facilities. The objectives and policies outlined below have been taken, in concept, from the County Comprehensive Plan and applied to the New Baltimore Service District. OBJECTIVES, POLICIES AND IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES Objective Policies Ensure an economical and efficient use of public funds by planning for a rate of growth that achieves the goals of the Service District and does not exceed the County’s ability to provide services to its citizenry. Public facilities should be sited in a manner that will efficiently and economically serve the greatest number of residents. All public facilities should be designed and developed so as to limit environmental degradation. Facilities should be appropriately planned to provide adequate levels of service, and located so that adequate space remains on-site for future expansions. Where possible, the County should locate future library branches in, or in close proximity, to satellite government facilities. Radio/communication and towers/relay stations should be located on existing buildings and facilities where practical or in groups where appropriate to protect the Service District from an unnecessary scattering of these towers. Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 38

Implementation Strategies SCHOOLS Existing Schools Construct the planned branch library within New Baltimore. Such a facility could serve multiple purposes, including meeting space for civic organizations and clubs. Consider the need for a satellite fire and rescue facility at Vint Hill due to future commercial, research and development, and residential community planned onsite and in the immediate environs. This site reservation should be three to five acres in size. At a minimum, this facility would need to include a pumper truck and ambulance. This facility could be planned in the long-term to provide 24-hour service and supplement services that are provided through the New Baltimore Fire and Rescue Company. Figure -___ illustrates a proposed location for this facility. C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary, P.B. Smith Elementary and Auburn Middle Schools, located within the service district, along with Kettle Run High and Greenville Elementary Schools, located just outside the service district on Rogue’s Road (Route 602) provide key educational and recreational resources for the community. Program capacity and enrollment for each of these schools in the New Baltimore Service District are noted here as of November 2012. C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary School is located on a 29 acre site in the northeast quadrant of the Rt. 600/676 intersection and has a capacity of 583 students, and an enrollment of 426 students. P.B. Smith Elementary School is located on a 26.3 acre parcel along Rt. 605 and has a student program capacity of 564, and an enrollment of 433. Auburn Middle School is located on 35 acres in the southwest quadrant of the Riley Road and Brookside Parkway intersection. It has a student program capacity of 600, and a capacity-exceeding enrollment of 608. Kettle Run High School on Route 602 just east of the Brookside and Grapewood communities, has a program capacity of 1,200 students and an enrollment of 1110 students. Greenville Elementary School, located on the site adjoining Kettle Run High School, has a design capacity of 600 and an enrollment of 486. Future Needs As a result of anticipated residential development at build-out and based upon state standards, the NBSD will need a new site for a middle school (30 acres). Vint Hill represents a preferred location for another school site. Figure NB-__ provides the location for all schools. Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 39

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