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Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Draft Plan - Fauquier County


TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION CONCEPTS The following transportation concepts are important to the community’s vision: Connectivity --Neighborhood-to-neighborhood, saving gas, access to major roads by all residents and neighborhoods, parks, trails, commercial core, transportation to include bicycles, buses, electric personal vehicles, horses, being able to shop without going out on Route 29. Safety -- Transportation corridors (existing roads and future roads) that are safe to use by all populations (especially children and elderly) and all modes of transportation, Respect -- For existing neighborhoods (while not ruling out future connectivity between them); for rural and historic view sheds, landscapes and resources, including but not limited to battlefields, preserved buildings, and other similar features that recognize the historically significant roles the area has played in the Civil War, WWII, and the Cold War, and that help define the culture and values of Fauquier County and drive tourism. Inclusion -- All modes of transportation, population segments, age groups, users -- business, commuters, residents, visitors, trucks, etc. -- must be considered in the upgrades of existing roads and the design of future roads. TRANSPORTATION OBJECTIVES Major Collectors -- The major collector roads that define the boundaries of New Baltimore, including 605, 602, 215 and 15/29 will be improved for safety and level of service using context-sensitive design. Special consideration should be given to Route 15/29 as an emergency evacuation route. Using Route 605 as a model, 602 and 215 should have a high priority for increased shoulder width and additional turning, acceleration and deceleration lanes. Intersections will be upgraded as needed with minimal impact on surrounding properties. Improvements to these major roads must respect historic and rural landscapes, view sheds and resources. Impacts on existing businesses must be mitigated. Context-sensitive solutions should incorporate elements such as multimodal transportation, trails, roundabouts, landscaping to protect existing residential neighborhoods and facilities such as schools, playing fields, etc. Work closely with Prince William County and VDOT to standardize the speed limit on Route 215. Local Roads -- Existing local roads within the NBSD will continue to serve vehicular traffic generated from within and around the service district. In addition, existing local Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 42

oads will become part of a larger grid whose function ultimately will be to accommodate a concentrated commercial core, clustered residential neighborhoods, access to businesses geared to the local population, disbursement of traffic, connectivity and a sense of place. Upgrades and improvements to these roads will be undertaken to address safety and connectivity, incorporate "complete streets" concepts and respect rural and historic landscapes, view sheds, resources as well as existing residential neighborhoods. Efforts must be made to limit all such road footprints to two auto lanes and to use context-sensitive design on any upgrades. Vehicular travel lanes will incorporate traffic calming design elements to encourage slower driving speeds through residential and commercial areas. New Roads -- New local roads in New Baltimore will be designed on a generally rectangular grid network with sidewalks and/or multi-use trails. These new roads will accommodate cars, buses, bicycles, small electric personal vehicles and pedestrians. They will be carefully aligned and located to provide maximum connectivity, better disperse traffic and function as the skeleton of a New Baltimore core, which will provide business opportunities, distinct neighborhoods and a sense of place. Trails -- To achieve maximum neighborhood connectivity and to encourage healthy lifestyles, additional emphasis will be placed on establishing safe multi-purpose paths from neighborhoods to high activity destinations such as libraries, parks, schools, and established commercial and village areas. Both on-street and natural area trails are encouraged. When ROW is not sufficient to build a new "complete street" where a connection is needed, every effort should be made to add a trail instead. Separate equestrian dirt trails are to be built in appropriate areas. POLICIES Land development proposed in New Baltimore must conform to the transportation road network. The necessary rights-of-way for any new road alignment or widening of existing roads identified in this plan are expected to be dedicated through rezoning, subdivision and site plan applications. New development will be expected to construct and/or provide financial contributions toward the phased construction of improved roads to which it needs access. New roads resulting from proposed land developments must meet Virginia Department of Transportation standards for inclusion in the state highway system. Vint Hill and its village town center design will warrant neo-traditional design elements, including grid-like interconnected streets and pedestrian facilities. New developments must plan for a pedestrian/bicycle trail system in accordance with plan guidelines and VDOT standards. Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 43

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