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Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Methods should be

Methods should be identified for removing the liability and maintenance costs for public pathway systems from homeowners associations when those pathways are not limited to the homeowners use. Bicycles and pedestrian features, including clearly marked sidewalks and paths and marked cross walks should be included in the construction and reconstruction of roads and bridges. Sidewalk and bike path linkages are important between new residential communities and mixed use (neighborhood centers), schools, recreational areas, and employment centers (e.g. Vint Hill). Sidewalks are needed on both sides of a roadway in new commercial centers, with pedestrian crossings clearly marked or with specialty paving. Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 44

THOROUGHFARE TYPE AND DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS All of the roads within New Baltimore have been given a thoroughfare type that defines their role and function within the overall network. Thoroughfare type is different than the functional classification, as thoroughfare type also considers surrounding context and physical operation. The thoroughfare type is then used to define the design criteria and the specific characteristics of the street. New Baltimore utilizes six (6) different roadway classifications; each is described in detail, as follows: EXHIBIT NB-X: THOROUGHFARE TYPES MAP Rural Parkway Through Streets Boulevards Major Avenues Minor Avenues Local Streets Future Roundabout Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 45 See Exhibit X

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