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Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Draft Plan - Fauquier County

Corridor is experiencing

Corridor is experiencing 1200 to 1300 vehicles per lane with a possible ultimate future growth to 1600 to 1800 vehicles per hour. Closing medians will preserve the existing capacity. However, closing medians will have to be done in coordination with the various proposed innovative intersection designs to preserve an acceptable level of access to the adjacent lane use in the Route 15/29 Corridor. An evaluation of the VDOT study was made in the preparation of the intersection recommendations herein and can be found in Route 29 North Corridor Improvement Study, Phase II, June 2011, prepared for Fauquier County by Dane Ismart in conjunction with MCV Associates. 4. Evaluate Roundabout or Traffic Signal on Route 215 at Vint Hill With the completion of construction of Brookside/Vint Hill Parkway and the continued development of these two communities, evaluate the need for a roundabout or traffic signal at either the Rt. 652 (Kennedy Road) or Vint Hill Parkway intersections with Route 215. Consideration of a roundabout should take precedence over the installation of a traffic signal. 5. Initiate the improvement plan for the Rt. 215 corridor from Vint Hill to the Route 15/29 intersection Route 215 should be retained as a two lane road on its current alignment.s for as long as practicable. However, the County should preserve the option of making Route 215 a four lane road, with a 110 foot right-of-way, on its current alignment. Traffic calming alternatives for the Route 215 intersections should be considered in lieu of more conventional turn lane movements and traffic signalization. In the context of this recognized battlefield area, improvements to facilitate preservation and public appreciation for Buckland Races battlefield sites within Fauquier County should be planned. For example, historic markers could be sited on this road, and the northernmost section through Buckland Farms could potentially be designated of as a historic parkway. SECONDARY ROAD RECOMMENDATIONS The key community secondary roads will continue to be Route 600 (Broad Run Church Road), Route 602 (Rogues Road), Route 605 (Dumfries Road) and Route 215 (Vint Hill Road). Route 605 Improvements Safety improvements at the following intersections with Route 605: Fincham and Linden Courts, Marigold Lane. Due to topography, turning movements at these intersections are becoming more dangerous due to traffic volumes and speed. Attention needs to be provided for added turn lanes, shoulder improvements, consideration of other safety techniques (e.g., grade and line of sight Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 70

improvements, slower speed limits posted, posted warning-no passing on the right, flashing lights); and Riley Road (Route 676): Evaluate full signalization with Route 605. This intersection was signalized with road improvements in 2009. Due to increased traffic volume, this flashing signal (yellow) may need to be converted to full signalization. If not warranted in the short-term, reevaluate with the completion of the Brookside/Vint Hill Parkway from Route 215 to Route 605. Rogues Road (Route 602) Improvements Conduct Safety Study for the Route 602 corridor from the Prince William County line to Route 605. With the increased traffic from the schools and commuters, the narrow roadway, limited shoulders, horizontal and vertical curves pose increasing safety issues. Once the study is completed, implement short-term recommendations. New Local Street Connections to the Brookside Parkway. o Identify, design and construct a local street connection generally from the intersection of Route 602 and Finch Lane through Vint Hill and connect with Brookside Parkway. If feasible, this route provides opportunities for better traffic connections between neighborhoods and local schools. o Extend Grapewood Drive to provide a local street connection from Route 602/Academic Drive into the Brookside community to Brookside Parkway. Utilize a traffic calming design to help ensure minimal impact on the Grapewood neighborhood. Develop and evaluate alternatives and select location for second entrance to schools. Currently, Academic Drive provides the only access to Kettle Run High School and Greenville Elementary School. At a minimum, a second means of access is warranted from a safety standpoint. Develop pedestrian linkages from neighborhoods to schools. The following projects are recommended to be designed and implemented: o Multi-purpose trail along the Route 602 frontage between Finch Lane to the signalized Grapewood/Academic Avenue intersection; o Multi-purpose trail connection from Brookside to Grapewood Drive, either with or without the road connection noted above; o Pedestrian crossings at Academic Avenue/Route 602 intersection; and o Multi-purpose trail extension to both Kettle Run High and Greenville Elementary schools. Adopted April 12, 2007, Revised October 8, 2009, Draft Revisions March 1, 2013 71

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